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Stay on Route 6: Your Guide To All 3,652 Miles of Transcontinental US Route 6

US Route 6, also known as The Grand Army of the Republic Highway, is the longest contiguous transcontinental route in the USA. Running from Provincetown, MA to Bishop, CA (and before 1964 to Long Beach, CA), US Route 6 remains for the most part, a two-lane highway on its way through fourteen states.

This is your guide along all of its original 3,652 miles. From Revolutionary War sites to pioneer settlements and western mining towns, Route 6 offers an in-depth lesson in US History, charms of yesteryear and comforts of modern times. Compiled and written by magazine and newspaper travel writer, Malerie Yolen-Cohen, Stay on Route 6 highlights the best attractions, restaurants, hotels and oddities along America’s long-ignored highway.

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Ten years ago, the Getaway Mavens began as a way to bring attention to little-known destinations in Northeast USA. From the very beginning, we created travel guides that included everything you need to know to plan the trip.

Over time, we discovered that our most popular travel guides were on Northeast romantic destinations. But as we discovered early on, romantic getaways mean different things to different couples.

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