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Maine Windjamming on the Schooner Stephen Taber

In early June, the Maine Windjammer, Schooner Stephen Taber, was nearly alone on the cruising grounds of Penobscot Bay off Mid-Coast Maine. I was lucky enough to join Captain Noah Barnes and 20 guests who, like me, didn’t mind cramped quarters, two shared bathrooms (for all), and a makeshift deck-rigged canvas shower, in exchange for […] Read more

Camden ME: Beyond Schooner Daytrips

WHY GO: There’s a reason Camden ME is one of the most popular tourist towns on the Mid-Maine Coast. With its protected harbor jammed with schooners and recreational ships, it is breathtakingly gorgeous. At one point, there were 4,000 ships in Penobscot Bay, transporting lime, granite, lumber, fish, ice, and other Maine resources to points […] Read more

Ten Ways To Know If Small Ship Cruising Is For You

First published on Huffington Post December 2, 2014 Though they offer fewer onboard activities, small ships, defined as those that carry fifty to 300 passengers, are best for a certain kind of traveler. Here are ten ways to determine if small ship cruising is right for you. If it is, we’ll steer you to the […] Read more

American Cruise Lines Review

The escalating hassles of international travel (not to mention a fearsome fear of flying) turned my attention recently to a type of vacation that has been growing in popularity of late: Small Ship American River Cruising. As a Connecticut-based empty-nest travel writer with an active, fit 81-year-old teacher-naturalist mother, I sought a trip that could satisfy our […] Read more

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