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The Organs of Greater Philadelphia: Some Might Surprise You

Longwood Gardens Pipe Organ

Kimmel Center Verizon Theater: The Verizon Theater, a violin-shaped burnished wood space nestled within the vast glass Kimmel Center, is home not only to the Philadelphia Orchestra, but also to the largest mechanical-action concert hall organ in the U.S., with nearly 7,000 pipes. The smallest, made of metal, is the size of a drinking straw. [...]

The Ultimate Roadside Emergency Kit to Survive any Disaster–Except the Zombie Apocalypse

The Ultimate Roadside Survival Guide

Have you ever noticed how the worst mishaps seem to happen when you least expect them? The best time to prepare for the next Snowmageddon or freak tornado is before you travel. Here's how to pack the ultimate roadside emergency kit and what you need to know to survive anything Mother Nature throws at you. The American [...]

10 Best Hotels to be Caught in A Storm (From Huffington Post)

Dorn Suite, Lodges at Glendorn

With the "Blizzard of the Century" bearing down on the Northeast, this roundup of charming hotels and inns is timely. The following roundup was first published in the Huffington Post: Imagine a crackling fire, a fine glass of wine, a decadent meal, and no need to call for a taxi or grab your car keys. [...]

Visit Movie Locations in the Northeast USA

Zombie Town- Evans City Cemetery

Where were your favorite movies made? TV Shows produced? You'll be happy to know that not all great flicks were filmed in some hidden soundstage, and not all TV shows are produced or shot in New York and L.A.  Here's the Getaway Mavens list of movie locations all can visit. Click on the town or city to [...]

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Travel experts Malerie Yolen-Cohen and Sandra Foyt live for serendipitous adventures in the Northeast, and beyond. On Getaway Mavens, they share entertaining and eclectic ideas for “turnkey” getaways in the Northeast; recommendations (from locals and other satisfied guests) about the most curious spots to explore, the most unique experiences, one-of-a-kind shopping, foodie-approved dining, and singular luxury lodging.


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