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Visit Movie Locations in the Northeast USA

Zombie Town- Evans City Cemetery

Where were your favorite movies made? TV Shows produced? You'll be happy to know that not all great flicks were filmed in some hidden soundstage, and not all TV shows are produced or shot in New York and L.A.  Here's the Getaway Mavens list of movie locations all can visit. Click on the town or city to [...]

Best Northeast Getaways for Literary Snobs


Some of the greatest literary classics were written right here in the Northeastern USA. Twain, Poe, Melville, and even, yes, the bane of High School SAT-takers, Noah Webster, all found their muse in this region. Are you or a loved one a dyed in the wool bibliophile? Check out the following Best Northeast Getaways for [...]

Best Northeast Getaways for Art Lovers


From the venerable MFA in Boston to the fragile creations at Corning Glass Museum in the Finger Lakes NY, the Northeast is replete with destinations your art lover will adore. Here are 16 Best Northeast Getaways for connoisseurs of art: CONNECTICUT Hartford CT: One of the oldest Art Museums in the country, the Wadsworth Atheneum spans [...]

Best 35 Getaways in the Northeast for History Buffs

Colonial era, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Victorian and Gilded Age: much of what shaped our country happened on the Eastern Seaboard.  Choose one or more of the following 35 escapes to be immersed in American History. Click on each town to find the best attractions, restaurants and inns for educational and enlightening getaways, Virginia to Maine. CONNECTICUT [...]

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Travel experts Malerie Yolen-Cohen and Sandra Foyt live for serendipitous adventures in the Northeast, and beyond. On Getaway Mavens, they share entertaining and eclectic ideas for “turnkey” getaways in the Northeast; recommendations (from locals and other satisfied guests) about the most curious spots to explore, the most unique experiences, one-of-a-kind shopping, foodie-approved dining, and singular luxury lodging.


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