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 Ritz Carlton Westchester NY: Low On Glitz, For Sophisticates

Only ten years old, the Ritz Carlton Westchester NY has the hushed and polished ambiance of a much older, established hotel. In downtown White Plains, the most business-oriented city in affluent Westchester County, this Ritz offers surprisingly friendly, exceptional service and rooms of understated elegance. Half way (30 minutes) between Greenwich CT and Manhattan, the [...]

Port Chester/Rye NY: Epicenter of Rock and Roll and Great Ethnic Food

WHY GO: Port Chester has always been the poorer industrial cousin to neighboring Rye, Harrison, and Greenwich, CT, so why do the Mavens recommend it?  Well, one of them spent her formative years working in her father’s downtown office and has watched Port Chester's revival and growing culinary scene with appreciative interest. Back in the [...]

Times Square NY For Non-Touristy Tourists

WHY GO: Any authentic New Yorker knows that Times Square is “for tourists,” and doesn’t represent “real” New York. With Ruby Tuesday’s, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bubba Gump’s, Hard Rock, the Gap (coming), Old Navy (coming), Walgreens, Sephora (two of them!); Times Square in the center of Manhattan could be a mall in anywheresville. But [...]

Chelsea NYC: FIT, Flowers, Floating Gardens, Figures, and the Cool Cambria Hotel

WHY GO: The Chelsea section of Manhattan was hipster Brooklyn before Brooklyn became Brooklyn. Home to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT: which is to clothing design what the Culinary Institute of America is to cooking), the country’s first successful elevated linear urban park, cool shops, a museum dedicated to math!, and even a jungle [...]

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Travel experts Malerie Yolen-Cohen and Sandra Foyt live for serendipitous adventures in the Northeast, and beyond. On Getaway Mavens, they share entertaining and eclectic ideas for “turnkey” weekend getaways in the Northeast; recommendations (from locals and other satisfied guests) about the most curious spots to explore, the most unique experiences, one-of-a-kind shopping, foodie-approved dining, and singular luxury lodging.


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