Top 20 Proudest Towns in the Northeast 2014 is just one and a half years old, but with over 130 destinations from Virginia to Maine, it’s garnering lots of attention. The following 20 most popular towns – according to number of page views as reported on Google Analytics – indicate either enormous pride or outsized interest or both. Is your town or city on the list? We’ll be compiling the Top 20 Proudest Towns in the Northeast each year from now on, so stay tuned.

Herewith the Top 20 Proudest Towns in the Northeast in 2014 

Shark Girl at Canal Side Buffalo NY

Buffalo, NY Proudest Town in the Northeast 2014

This Lake Erie city takes the prize by a very wide margin, topping the list of the Top 20 Proudest Towns in the Northeast this year.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when a Buffalo social media expert told me, “you’ll be surprised by how many locals will read your post.” But this exceeded all expectations.

Not only were there tens of thousands of page-views, but comments from residents past and present were the epitome of #Buffalove and pride. Check out Buffalo Niagara Tourism for more information. 

Beacon NY Welcome Sign

Beacon, NY

A surprise for sure. Interest in Beacon NY might have more to do with travel searches than town pride, but either way, this little former mill town on the Hudson River attracts attention. And thus, its on our Most Popular Towns in Northeast List. 

Horse and Buggy greets scooter in Lancaster County PA with Strasburg Scooters

Lancaster County, PA

The Mavens have written several posts about Lancaster, and all together, they’ve garnered this third spot on the hit parade. With a reimagined downtown and the PA Dutch, searches are most likely a combination of regional pride and travel search. Find out more of Lancaster County at Discover Lancaster

The Snowman, Butler County PA

Butler County, PA

I called this the “Quirkiest Region in Pennsylvania” – but comments indicate intense pride in this western PA county. Situated north of Pittsburg, it’s where Night of the Living Dead was filmed. So yeah, it’s got zombie cred. Need more info? Check out this Butler County tourism website

New Bedford MA docks at sunset
Merrills sunset view New Bedford MA

New Bedford, MA

Interest in this much-maligned “grungy port” is encouraging, because New Bedford features a great Whaling Museum, Whaling Historic District and a growing food scene.  Travelers from New York to Boston must be searching for a unique, engaging stopover.

Bewitched Statue Salem MA

Salem, MA

No explanation needed. Witchcraft is compelling. Need more info? Destination Salem has all the deets. 

FDR Birth Bed Hyde Park NY
FDR Birth Bed Hyde Park NY

Hyde Park/Poughkeepsie, NY

Searches skyrocketed when The Roosevelts aired on PBS. Also, home to the Culinary Institute of America, it’s a favorite site for foodies and wannabe chefs.

Black lighthouse water tower Cape Charles VA
Cape Charles VA Water Tower

Onancock to Cape Charles VA

On Virginia’s quiet Eastern Shore, interest in this top ten destination might be a combination of shore/Virginia pride and curiosity. Either way, it was surprising.


New London/Niantic CT

Niantic was voted “Facebook Fan Favorite” last year, so no surprise that people were thirsty for more information.

Providence RI Weekend Getaway

Providence, RI

Home to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), this New England city is the pride of both permanent residents and students.

Chocolate World, Hershey PA
Chocolate World, Hershey PA

Hershey PA

Who doesn’t like chocolate?

Mystic Seaport photograph

Mystic, CT

It’s Connecticut’s #1 attraction.

Mirror Lake seen on a weekend getaway in Lake Placid NY.

Lake Placid NY

All things Olympic and Winter Wonderland.

River Tavern Chester CT

Connecticut River Towns

Quiet and artsy.

Birdhouses at Coastal Center at Milford Point CT
Birdhouses at Coastal Center at Milford Point CT

Milford CT

CT Pride

Andrew Wyeth Studio in Chadds Ford PA | Trips for Art Lovers 

Brandywine Valley, PA

All things Wyeth, all generations Wyeth. Get up close and personal in studios and intimate museums in this popular town in the Northeast.

Roanoke Star VA
Roanoke Star VA

Roanoke VA

A Blue Ridge beauty with friendly folks. The Star and Market are main attractions.

Lobster Trap Buoys on land off season in Stonington CT

Stonington CT

Set of the Meryl Steep/Tommy Lee Jones movie, Hope Springs, filling in for coastal Maine.

Croton Point Park Croton On Hudson NY

Croton-On-Hudson NY

Dutch history, brick-making, and one of Pete Seeger’s favorite parks on Hudson River.

Old Town Winchester VA Sunset

Winchester VA

Civil War and Ghosts. This Mid-Atlantic state town squeaked in as number 20 most popular town in the Northeast

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22 thoughts on “Top 20 Proudest Towns in the Northeast 2014”

  1. Beacon has tons of hometown pride. There’s a reason so many people move here from NYC. Ask anybody. A common phrase here is “I love this town.”

  2. Buffalo has a lot to be proud of, we know it, because we live ie, we’d love for others to discover what we have to offer.

  3. BuffaLOVE!! I moved away a few years ago for work, and while I loved my city while I lived there, I appreciate it even more now. There is truly nothing like it.

  4. Yeah! Huge theater district in Buffalo, great local productions and awesome arts and culture scene overall. #Buffalove

  5. You never realize what you have until you leave it. I’ve lived different places in the northeast and left because at the time, after a long run, there were no jobs for me. Buffalo is an affordable place to live, has great museums and galleries, all kinds of sports – amateur and professional, fabulous architecture and great restaurants. Most all Buffalo is great people.

    I love a lot of thins about a lot of places but I understand the outpouring of love for my hometown entirely.

  6. Buffalo usually gets such a bad wrap, but once people visit one time they are hooked. Great food, architecture, culture, people…..Buffalove ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. You do know that Virginia is in the South? Not the Northeast? And that Pennsylvania and Delaware are Mid-Atlantic states, not the Northeast? Most people use the Northeast to mean New England plus NY.

    If you are going to be a travel site, might want to learn some geography.

  8. Susan – I was very surprised by the love people in Buffalo feel for their town. And it keeps showing up in comments like yours. Thanks for reading! Malerie

  9. Having moved away from Buffalo really makes you appreciate the Buffalonian culture!! There is nothing like Buffalo festivals, art shows, food, people…oh the list can go on and on!!! Love My Buffalo!!

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  11. As a lifer of one of the many formerly industrial boroughs of Southeastern PA, you should have included at least one of us. It’s easy to have pride when you have a nice little shoreline or your own professional sports teams or when the world thinks mill towns started and ended with you (looking at you, New England) but where I come from people have pride despite there being so little left to hang your hat on. I doubt I could ever meet more prideful people than that.

  12. Hi notimortant- I’m sure that many towns that didn’t make this list have enormous pride. As I wrote in the introduction – I based this list on the number of page views each destination garnered over the past 1 1/2 years. The list was entirely data-driven – not subjective. I’ll be returning to PA this year, so perhaps your town will make it, if enough people there check out Getaway Mavens! Thanks for reading and commenting – Malerie

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