15 Top Romantic Hideaways in Northeast US

Romantic Hideaways Far From the Madding Crowd With Omicron surging, and dense cities becoming chaotic cauldrons of Covid, isn’t it time for an escape: For a true romantic hideaway, within a short drive of home? Ducking into an inn in the midst of a forest, or at the tail end …

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Snowy winter night at WILD Center for WILD Lights

Most Popular Romantic Getaways in the US 2021

After 8 years, the Getaway Mavens excel at discovering the Most Romantic Getaways in the US and beyond. With over 500 destinations from Virginia to Maine and now the whole country, GetawayMavens.com has garnered plenty of worldwide attention. In 2021 we segmented the USA into regions, pivoted to “surprisingly romantic getaways,” …

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ModernHaus SoHo rooftop pool

ModernHaus SoHo NY: Knockout Views

With clear views of downtown Manhattan, including the top of the Freedom Tower, ModernHaus SoHo, in the artsy, paving-stoned streets of Manhattan, is one of the most romantic boutique hotels in town. While midtown NY is a checkerboard grid, the recently “rediscovered” SoHo vectors diagonally off Broadway between West Houston …

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Early morning lake view from room at Saranac Waterfront Lodge

20 Best Romantic Hotels and Inns in Northeast USA 2021

The Getaway Mavens have been hard at “work,” scoping out the best romantic luxury hotels, inns, and B&B’s in the Northeast USA through several waves of the pandemic in 2021. Each one of these 20 fabulously romantic lodgings from Massachusetts to Maryland (and Washington DC), adheres to Covid protocols, with …

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Loveland Pass on Route 6

Drive Cross Country on US Route 6

What’s the longest Federal Highway in the USA?  US Route 20. What’s the SECOND longest (and longest CONTIGUOUS) highway?  US Route 6! Map of USA with Route 6 in Red from Massachusetts to California

US Route 6 History

The historic highway, also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, is now 3,205 miles long. Before 1964, when California renumbered its roads and Route 6 ran coast to coast from Provincetown, Massachusetts to Long Beach, California, Route 6 was the longest highway in the land – at 3,652 miles. Now, driving US Route 6 will bring you though 14 states, and some of  the best small towns and cities in America that, prior to the establishment of the Interstate Highway system, had their moments in the sun.

Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach CA
The RMS Queen Mary served as a luxury cruise ship with the Cunard Line from 1936 to 1967. Since retirement, the Queen Mary has been docked in Long Beach CA where she is a one of a kind historic hotel.

Route 6 Terminus

Historic Route 6 begins and ends in flamboyant, artsy, touristy, entertainment-rich Oceanside towns.  Provincetown, in Cape Cod Massachusetts on the Atlantic Ocean, draws playwrights, gay activists and tons of tourists every summer.  Long Beach,CA  on the Pacific Ocean, an outer-borough of Los Angeles, is rich in glitz of a similar sort.

What To Expect On US Route 6

What’s in between is a virtual time-line of American history. Revolutionary War sites in New England give way to pioneer homes in the plains and prairies of Iowa and Nebraska. And then eventually to the stark silver and gold mining camps in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California.

Canals, backyard docks and boats on Lake Erie Town of Vermilion, OH

On its way across the United States, Route 6 travels through two towns called Brooklyn, and neither are in New York.  It touches two oceans, runs along the shore of one Great Lake (Erie), crosses most of the country’s major rivers, traverses five state capitals, and climbs, exhilaratingly, up and over the Continental Divide. It meanders through land both barren and lush.

Sun dappled clean Nebraska town Main Street - Ashland NE

US Route 6 takes you from the Technicolor gardens and forests in the East to the sepia tones of the Western desert through some of the friendliest cities and towns in our country’s midsection.  Most are not tourist destinations. You’d likely never know about them except for the fact that they are on what was once a main route.

Sign at Loveland Pass on the Continental Divide with Rocky Mountains in the background.
At the summit of Loveland Pass, be sure to take a photo of the Continental Divide plaque–the very highest point of Route 6 at 11,990 feet above sea level. It’s the best view of the Rocky Mountains.

But for road-trippers, that’s part of the joy of discovery. In many of these locales, in fact, inhabitants welcome strangers with open arms, introducing travelers to the best places where they themselves eat and shop.

Plan Six Weeks on US Route 6

To do the whole Route justice, plan to spend at least six weeks on the road.  Of course, you might be tempted to idle in resort areas and larger cities, which will extend your trip.  If you’re in a rush (which is really besides the point of a two-lane highway trip), you can do the drive in half the time by picking and choosing what is most important to you.

You can also break up the journey into the following segments (designed to begin and end in cities with accessible airports).

Best Attractions On US Route 6, State By State (Links to posts)

Ohio Route 6

Best Stops on Ohio Route 6

Getaway Mavens guide to Cleveland OH

Indiana Route 6

Best Stops on Indiana Route 6

Illinois Route 6

Best Stops on US Route 6 Illinois

Moline IL Getaway on Route 6

Iowa Route 6

US Route 6 Iowa – Most Romantic Attractions

Nebraska Route 6 Mural Shoemakers Truck Stop Lincoln NE

US Route 6 Nebraska – Most Romantic Stops

Omaha NE Getaway on Route 6

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