Shoemakers Truck Stop US Route 6 Mural Lincoln NE

Lincoln NE: Quirky Stunning Getaway

A Romantic Getaway to Lincoln NE? Some people are just primed to find romance everywhere. But Lincoln NE is really full of the ingredients that make for an idyllic escape: gardens, fine art, boutique hotels, charming eateries, and for adventurous couples – weird and wonderful museums. Thankfully, Lincoln NE is …

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Omaha NE: Art and Heart

Why Go to Omaha NE? Omaha NE is worth a couple of days to explore, not only for its art, but also for its heart.  It’s no surprise that sensible, unflashy, frugal billionaire – The “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffet – was born and lives here, steeped in the make-a-buck-then-give-back …

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US Route 6 Iowa Wind Turbines

US ROUTE 6 IOWA: 22 Romantic Must-Visit Attractions

Romantic US Route 6 Iowa? Actually? Would you consider 1800’s farm settlements, the “World’s Oldest Soda Fountain”, killer butterscotch pies, Bonnie and Clyde robbed banks, best blue cheese, presidential diners, tiny cornfield towns, and the like, romantic? Then you’ll love driving US Route 6 Iowa with your best buddy for …

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