Ithaca NY: Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

WHY GO: There are over 100 waterfalls within ten square miles of Ithaca NY. Most cascade through fractures in the earth: a landscape that endows the town with the perfect tagline, “Ithaca is Gorges.” Throw in the longest of the 11 Finger Lakes – Cayuga – and you’ve got yourself a region that is downright poetic in beauty.

Ithaca Is Gorges NY
Ithaca Is Gorges NY

Outside of the CG movie, Avatar, you’ll hardly see a locale quite like this. Ithaca claims to be the birthplace of the Ice Cream Sundae and is also home to two colleges – Cornell and Ithaca College – adding culinary, cultural, and intellectual assets to this already bountiful table.

Ithaca Falls Setting up Shot
Ithaca Falls Setting up Shot

You will be forewarned about Ithaca’s very steep streets about ten miles out. Signs begin alerting truck and car drivers to “Check Your Brakes.” These warnings should not be taken lightly.

Steep grades, of course, are what make Ithaca so attractive to outdoor enthusiasts looking for good, strenuous hikes. “Soft adventurers,” however, will find much to love here, too.

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park Ithaca NY
Allan H. Treman State Marine Park Ithaca NY

There are four State Parks in the Ithaca area – three gorges and one marina on the lake. But spend some time exploring the smaller, lesser-known falls, nature areas, museums, restaurants, and a couple of cool hotels in a diverse friendly community that many folks would describe as “out of the 60s.” Read on….

Things To Do In Ithaca NY

Laura Winter Falk Experience! The Finger Lakes
Laura Winter Falk Experience! The Finger Lakes

TOUR: Experience! the Finger Lakes

Experience the Finger Lakes! a private wine and waterfalls tour operator in the region, has some pretty serious wine cred. Laura Winter Falk, author of Culinary History of the Finger Lakes: From the Three Sisters to Riesling, Ph.D. in Nutrition from Cornell, and certified sommelier, owns the tour company with her husband Alan.

Experience the Finger Lakes! Private wine tasting with winemakers

Experience Finger Lakes! emerged from the pandemic as a much more intimate and personalized tour company, swapping the 15-guest vans out with smaller Mercedes Luxury vehicles for, currently, a maximum of six guests. Falk now offers private, premium, “elevated” excursions that include meals and behind the scene access to wine professionals. Premium Private 5 ½ to 8 hours tours, $199 – $219 per person.

1.5-hour Fabulous Falls Driving Tour

Cornell Height’s Suspension Bridge Ithaca NY
Cornell Height’s Suspension Bridge Ithaca NY

I took the 1.5-hour “Fabulous Falls Driving” tour, which introduced me to several waterfalls around town, and served as a tutorial on the area’s natural and human history.

Couple poses for a selfie on the Cascadilla Gorge Trail
Cascadilla Gorge Trail

Beginning with Cascadilla Gorge, you can “see the geology of 300 million years all at once” in the shale and limestone layers of the rock walls. These were once underwater in a vast inland sea, and now form the sides of the gorge.

Bebe Lake Ithaca NY
Bebe Lake Ithaca NY

Here, Laura hands over rocks and fossils found nearby, including those of clams, bi-valves, and “lucky stones” with naturally occurring holes.

In the late 1700s, veterans were offered land in Central NY – part of the Military Track that the Government established to reward soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War. It made sense that these settlements were established around waterfalls that could power grist and sawmills.

Following the Civil War, the Morrill Land Grant funded Agriculture & Mechanics (A&M) colleges around the country. Cornell was founded in 1865 as one of these Land Grant schools, admitting women from the start. Cornell now operates as both a Private and Public University.

Carl Sagan’s Study

Fall Creek Hydropower Plant Ithaca NY
Fall Creek Hydropower Plant Ithaca NY

The tour continues past Carl Sagan’s study, a contemporary cottage perched over the gorge. Walk over the Cornell Height’s Suspension Bridge which sits 150 feet over Fall Creek. This iconic bridge is, not surprisingly, the site of many a marriage proposal. Look down to see the old hydropower plant from the 1920s – a sure sign that Cornell was on the cutting edge of sustainable energy nearly a hundred years ago.

Ithaca Falls

Of course, no visit to Ithaca is complete without a walk to the base of the bewitching Ithaca Falls. But, please heed the warnings about NO Swimming here. It’s easy to underestimate the force of the water until too late. As a Cornell Police rescue diver states, “Even as a highly trained, properly equipped professional diver, I wouldn’t swim there if I did not have to recover a body.” Waterfall Hikes and Driving Tours from $39pp.

The Experience! The Finger Lakes Waterfall Tour is one of the Getaway Maven’s recommended Best Places to Propose in New York State.

Couple looks out at Taughannock Falls,
Taughannock Falls State Park Ithaca NY

VISIT: Taughannock Falls State Park

If you don’t have time to hike from the Lower Falls to the main event, drive up to the brand-new Visitor’s Center, and pop out for a few minutes to see this mesmerizing torrent of water pouring 215 feet into a wide basin below.

Couple climbs trail along Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca NY
Buttermilk Falls State Park – Ithaca NY

GO: Buttermilk Falls State Park

What you see from the base of this sun-splashed cascade that falls, like a fancy Victorian wedding dress, over tiered slabs of limestone, is dramatic of course. But climb the mile-long Gorge Trail and its overlooks for bigger thrills, and misty chills.

Cornell Chimes Chimemaster, Ryan, playing My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean in Magraw Tower Ithaca NY

EXPERIENCE: Cornell Chimes Concert (Cornell University, McGraw Tower)

Go for the uniqueness AND the views! The Cornell Chimes ring for 15 minutes, three times a day, when classes are in session, and being there to witness them played in person is a singular Ithaca NY experience.

Climb 161 steps (phew) up the 173-foot tall McGraw Tower to where one Cornell student stands at the chimes clavier – a device, made up of levers and pedals, that looks somewhat like a weaving loom. The Chimesmaster gets to choose what to play.

On the day I visited, at 7:45 am, the master of the chimes was Ryan – a Chemistry major – who chose “Ocean” songs. So he closed out his 15-minute roundup with “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”

Morning view of Cornell U. Campus from top of McGraw Tower for Cornell Chimes concert Ithaca NY

While he played, I climbed up another level to a rooftop platform beneath the bells and belfry for unsurpassed, panoramic views of the Cornell Campus, Cayuga Lake, and greater Ithaca. On an early Fall morning, it took my breath away. Just FYI – bring earplugs. It is LOUD up there!

Visitors are welcome at all concerts without a reservation (except where noted). The door to the tower opens approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled concert and closes midway through the performance. Guests must climb the 161 steps, there is no elevator.

Exterior of Museum of the Earth

VISIT: Museum of the Earth

Home to the national Paleontological Research Institute (PRI), Ithaca’s Museum of the Earth is both a children’s fan-favorite museum AND a serious academic institution. Now affiliated with Cornell U., it serves as the college’s Natural History Museum.

About three miles out of town, you’ll first see the imposing brick buildings of the former Odd Fellows State Home Orphanage (the museum’s offices) before spotting an adjacent concrete structure, built in 2003, that now houses all public exhibits.

Ceramic tile mural lines ramp to exhibits at Museum of the Earth Ithaca NY

The Museum of Earth does an excellent job escorting visitors through geologic ages – starting with a ceramic tile mural that lines a ramp to underground galleries. The bulk of the museum was deliberately built beneath the earth.

Giant Trilobites

You’ll move through time – from the Big Bang 4.5 billion years ago to the effects of climate change today  – in galleries that separate scientific time periods. You might learn a thing or two. For instance, the death of dinosaurs was not the earth’s first “Extinction Event;” there were at least four before that. And, some ancient Trilobites, like the fossils clustered together on display, could reach two feet or more in size.

Exhibit at Museum of the Earth Ithaca NY

Upstate NY, like other areas in the world once covered by water, is laden with fossils due to layers of sediment that drifted to the ocean floor. Fossils are found in sedimentary rock rather than in metamorphic rock, like granite, that formed under pressure.

Prehistoric fish model at Museum of the Earth Ithaca NY

Most of what’s been found around here represents the Devonian Period when fish began to emerge. A large shell-covered rock, unearthed from a nearby field, is tangible proof that 450 million years ago, this part of New York State was underwater.

Mastodon skeleton found in Hyde Park NY at Museum of the Earth Ithaca NY

You can spend days reading and studying everything here, but kids make a beeline to several artifacts and recreations, like “Steggy” – the stegosaurus created in 1904 for the Smithsonian, and donated to the Museum of Earth in 2015. “Amelia” – a full-size model of a Quetzalcoatlus (a flying reptile), soars over Steggy. In the next room, there’s a hulking Mastodon skeleton, unearthed when a Hyde Park NY resident started digging a swimming pool.

End your visit by walking through a “glacier” and into the interactive Climate Change exhibit. You might get a few ideas about how to make the earth a healthier place. Open Wed-Mon 10-5. $9 adults, $6 kids.

Discover Cayuga Boat Tours Ithaca NY
Discover Cayuga Boat Tours Ithaca NY

BOAT TOUR: Discover Cayuga Lake Boat Eco Cruise on MV Teal

(From Allan H. Treman State Marine Park)

A 2-hour narrated Discover Cayuga Lake Boat Eco Cruise on MV Teal takes you six miles up and back on the 39-mile-long Cayuga Lake. You’re asked to imagine that it’s the late 1800s, and this is just one of the 17 passenger ferries plying the water, transporting summer residents to their cottages along the shoreline.

Back then, horses and buggies trudged the dirt roads that ringed the Lake. But steamships were the most efficient and comfortable way to get around.

Cargill Corp. and Conservation

Binoculars onboard Discover Cayuga Boat Tours Ithaca NY
Binoculars onboard Discover Cayuga Boat Tours Ithaca NY

In 1916, the rock-salt mining company, Cargill, opened on the banks of the Cayuga. Now, with gigantic mounds of road salt under tarps, and elevator shafts that bring miners 2,500 feet underground, this large company is the most prominent feature on the Lake. (Cargill also manages the deepest salt mine in the USA).

In fact, half a mile beneath the lake is a quasi-city, where electric cars move workers ten miles on “roads” with no traffic jams.

Cargill tapped into a salt vein that goes all the way to Michigan.  Unbelievably, Cargill’s local operation provides 20% of the rock salt used in roads in New York and the New England states.

Lansing NY Town Historian, Louise Bement

Louise Bement, Lansing NY Town Historian
Louise Bement, Lansing NY Town Historian

Some of the current 300 employees are great-grandchildren of the original miners, according to Lansing NY Town Historian, Louise Bement, who, as a 4th-grade teacher, enlisted her students to research Cargill history.

The school project, which taught the budding journalists to “go to the source” for information, resulted in a book called “The Rock Salt Mine.” I met Bement, who was traveling with her family, by chance on my Discover Cayuga cruise. She was an incredible font of information about the area.

Cornell Chicken and Salt Potatoes

I learned about “Cornell Chicken” (a cider-vinegar and egg-based marinade) and “Salt Potatoes.” Irishmen who processed table salt from the depths of Syracuse NY threw raw potatoes into pans of briny water. They cooked as fires beneath the pans evaporated the water, leaving comestible salt. And delicious potatoes.

Water Sampling Discover Cayuga Boat Tours Ithaca NY
Water Sampling Discover Cayuga Boat Tours Ithaca NY

There are several tour options on the MV Teal. The Eco-Tour enlists guests in the sampling of water quality and clarity measurements for the DEC. Others stick to historic narration or incorporate themes. Regardless of what you do, it’s fantastic just to get out on the water. Discover Cayuga Lake Boat Tours offers a variety of tours from May – October. Check the website for times and tour types.

Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail

One of the most enjoyable ways to explore the Finger Lakes Region is by kayak, and now the new Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail shows you how to mix water routes with dining and sightseeing stops. Learn about all there is to do on our Cayuga Lake Travel Guide.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Ithaca NY
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Ithaca NY

WALK/VISIT: Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary

Before getting here, you might misconstrue the Lab of Ornithology as a bland science building. But, on the grounds of a 400 acre nature sanctuary with a contemporary Visitor’s Center/Library, it’s a thrilling, often overlooked attraction about five miles from campus and town.

Yes, Cornell Undergrads and Graduate School students do research here. But the public is welcome with open arms and a knowledgeable staff.

Welcome Center The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Ithaca NY
Welcome Center The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Ithaca NY

Directly inside the Welcome Center, find chairs overlooking a pond through floor-to-ceiling windows. Sit and meditate on the birds that come by. Or interact with the wooden oval “Sound Ring” sculpture designed by architect Mya Lin, which via Ipad, plays birdcalls and soundscapes both recorded and live.

Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary Cornell Lab of Ornithology NY
Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary Cornell Lab of Ornithology NY

To see birds of all kinds in the wild, grab a trail and bird-watching guide from the folks at the desk and take a walk on one or more of the well-marked paths that circle ponds and run through various habitats. The Visitors Center is open daily from 10-4, and Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary is open daily from dawn to dusk, free.

Johnson Museum of Art Cornell U Ithaca NY
Johnson Museum of Art Cornell U Ithaca NY

VISIT: Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Cornell Campus

Opened in 1973, this blocky, board-formed concrete I.M. Pei-designed art museum offers a quiet trip through time, from ancient to contemporary, paintings to decorative arts.

Perhaps the most well-known foundational holdings include Giacometti’s “Walking Man” sculpture and a “Life Mask” by Marquis de Lafayette. But the building itself, and the views of Lake Cayuga that it affords, are reasons, too, to come here.

Cosmos by Leo Villareal Johnson Museum of Art Cornell U.
Cosmos by Leo Villareal Johnson Museum of Art Cornell U.

Don’t miss the 2nd-floor outdoor patio where you can stretch out on an ergonomic, sculptural bench and stair up at the “Cosmos” by Leo Villareal: an homage to Carl Sagan, who taught astronomy on campus. The installation of 12,000 LED lights twinkles randomly on the ceiling of the patio overhang day and night. Many say it’s incredibly cool after dark.

Visible Storage Gallery Johnson Museum of Art Cornell U
Visible Storage Gallery Johnson Museum of Art Cornell U

Cross through the underground walkway to a new 2015 building extension (for events and classes) two floors beneath the lobby.

Though you won’t find any galleries there, you will be rewarded with a small but stunning Japanese Garden right outside a wall of windows. Also on that level, find the Visible Storage Gallery. Replete with coats of armor, clay figures, masks from around the world, and other artifacts, you can look for info about each on I-Pads available throughout the room. Free, Open Tues-Sun 10-5, Thurs until 7:30.

Cornell Botanic Gardens Welcome Center Ithaca NY
Cornell Botanic Gardens Welcome Center Ithaca NY

GO: Cornell Botanic Gardens

Start in the new modern LEED Gold Welcome Center to get your bearings in this 3,000-acre multi-section linear park, voted #1 Most Beautiful College Arboretum in the USA, along two banks of Fall Creek.

The Garden includes the 100-acre F.R. Newman Arboretum, Bebe Lake, Mundy Wildflower Garden, Herbal Garden with interpretive signage, ponds, sculpture, benches, overlooks, perennial gardens, 15 waterfalls, paved paths, and 35 miles of hiking trails within its Cornell-stewarded borders.

Butterfly Cornell Botanic Garden Ithaca NY
Butterfly Cornell Botanic Garden Ithaca NY

Don’t miss the Botanic Cultivated Gardens adjacent to the Welcome Center. And then drive (or walk a few miles) to the Newman Overlook. The distant view of hills and undulating greenery and water is lovely, for sure. But have a go ringing the gong that stands among the bushes.

Just make sure to announce that you’re about to strike: the sound is loud and quite alarming. Before leaving, find the Shrub Garden in the Arboretum and take a tranquil walk through alleyways of bushes on soft paths of grass. It’s as intimate and quiet retreat as you’ll find here. Welcome Center Open Mon-Thurs 9-5, Fri/Sat 9-6, Free.

WALK/BIKE: Cayuga Waterfront Trail

This 5.5-mile paved trail hugs the shoreline around the inlets of southern Cayuga Lake and is a popular way to get some exercise in the warmer seasons.

Ithaca Commons Ithaca NY
Ithaca Commons Ithaca NY

SHOP/EAT: Ithaca Commons

You’ll find head shops and other collegey stores and restaurants on this pedestrian mall in the center of town. Some noteworthy shops include Handwork, 15 Steps, American Crafts by Robbie Dein, and Sunny Days.

SHOP/EAT: DeWitt Mall

This multi-level indoor mall is where you’ll find the Moosewood Restaurant – and inside, Café DeWitt – an ultra-casual, waste composting, locally sourced, biodegradable tableware, spot for your Farmhouse (two eggs, roasted potato, house jam, $9.95) or European (2 soft-boiled eggs and café au lait $10.95) breakfast. Next door, find Green Star Natural Foods, which, along with Moosewood, places you squarely in the 1960s. Groovy Man.

GO: Discovery Trail

Families will want to follow the Discovery Trail that includes the Ithaca Sciencenter, Cayuga Nature Center, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell Plantations, The History Center, Johnson Museum of Art, Museum of the Earth, and Tompkins County Public Library.

NIGHTLIFE: Hangar Theater

Local staged theater in a repurposed airplane hangar. Check the website for the schedule.

August Moon Spa at La Tourelle Inn
August Moon Spa at La Tourelle Inn

SPA: August Moon Spa at La Tourelle Hotel

Though it sounds hippy-dippy, this small, intimate professional massage and body treatment establishment is one of the best places in town to soothe your post-gorge-hike muscles. Open daily 9am-8pm.

Ithaca Commons

Ithaca NY Restaurants

Lev Kitchen on Ithaca Commons NY

EAT: Lev Kitchen

The name of this Middle Eastern gem of an eatery on the Ithaca Commons, Lev Kitchen, references both a location – the Levant – and the Hebrew word for “heart.” Specializing in Israeli-Yemini malawah bread (a pita meets croissant type of puff-pastry) stuffed with various meats and veggies, it’s a twist on the typical Mid-East fare we’re used to in the States. In addition, this purveyor of Levant street-food has a unique wine list that includes Lebanese, Israeli, and Palestinian wines.   

Maxies Oyster Bar Ithaca NY
Maxies Oyster Bar Ithaca NY

EAT: Maxie’s Supper Club and Oyster Bar

Open for 20 years and still going strong, Maxie’s is the brainchild of Chick Evans who attended Cornell and wanted to open a place where he could focus on oysters and seafood.

When this low-slung New Orleans-style corner building became available, says Chick’s sister and co-owner Karen, “we snapped it up.” Chick now lives in Chicago, so Karen oversees this festive place brimming with good home-cooked southern-comfort delights – like the signature Shrimp and Grits ($14.50) and BBQ Tofu Plate ($11.95). But of course, the oysters are the hit here, and you don’t even have to go to the Big Easy to get them.

Exterior Simeon’s American Bistro Ithaca NY
Exterior Simeon’s American Bistro Ithaca NY

EAT: Simeon’s American Bistro on Ithaca Commons and Aurora

This Ithaca landmark, Simeon’s American Bistro owned by chefs Rich Avery and Dean Zervos, has been through expansions and changes both planned and unplanned. (The latest required a rebuild after a horrific accident years ago when a tractor-trailer barreling down the hill missed the turn and crashed into the building). Through it all, Avery and Zervos kept the “Bistro” menu and ambiance. It’s a style that “leans more toward an upscale NYC Steakhouse” than a college town eatery.

Simeon’s American Bistro Ithaca NY
Simeon’s American Bistro Ithaca NY

The menu is refreshingly succinct – not overwhelming – with a focus on oysters, steaks, and house-made pasta dishes that change seasonally. Dishes range from aps like Warm Kettle Chips Fondue ($6) and Marinated Olives ($8), to entrees the likes of Salmon ($29) and the 14oz Steak Frittes (that, at $45, is the most expensive menu item). But my Ahi Tuna Burger ($14), paired with a glass of wine, was absolute perfection. The juicy fish patty with tangy slaw on a toasted Sesame Bun offered a perfect balance of flavors: a dinner par excellence just steps from my hotel room at the new Marriott Downtown.

Finger Lakes Cider House Ithaca NY
Finger Lakes Cider House – Interlaken NY

EAT/TASTE: Finger Lakes Cider House

Not far from the town of Ithaca, the hilltop Finger Lakes Cider House is both a tasting room and a delightful restaurant. Hard Cider’s on tap and so is elevated pub food, like Cast Iron Grilled Cheese ($12). The fermented juice of apples named Rose, Switchel, and Scrumpy (British slang for someone who picks fallen fruit from the ground), and more, ranging from ultra dry to faintly sweet. Try some of each with a 5-taste flight ($5).

Moosewood Restaurant Ithaca NY
Moosewood Restaurant Ithaca NY

EAT: Moosewood Restaurant

The Moosewood Restaurant is still the hippy-dippy spot made famous in Mollie Katzen’s cookbook of the same name. Though Katzen, one of the founders of the “Moosewood Collective,” decamped to California to write her recipe book (yes, controversial!), the original restaurant, under new ownership, is still going strong.

EAT: Locals also recommend

Coltivare, run by Tompkins Cortland Community College “Farm to Bistro” program. Hound and Mare – unusual bagel sandwiches from daughters of Saigon owners. Glenwood Pines – on the Western side of Cayuga Lake for “Best Burgers.” Boatyard Grill overlooking the inlet from which diners can watch college Crew Teams practice, The Rook for the best fried chicken. Saigon for Vietnamese (now take-out-only).

Cornell Dairy Bar Ithaca NY
Cornell Dairy Bar Ithaca NY

ICE CREAM: Cornell Dairy Bar

Aggie schools seem to have the best ice cream in the world. Up until my visit here, Penn State and UConn were neck and neck at the top of my Best Ice Cream Of All Time list. But one taste of the Triple Caramel Bliss at the Cornell Dairy Bar, and, like a fickle lover, I swooned. And then re-configured that list. Rich and creamy like frozen custard, deeply flavored like Gelato, with the perfect amount of mix-ins, I’d be in deep trouble if this ice cream parlor was anywhere near me.

Purity Ice Cream Ithaca NY
Purity Ice Cream Ithaca NY

ICE CREAM: Purity Ice Cream

The first ever Ice Cream Sundae was dished out at Platt & Colt Pharmacy in downtown Ithaca in 1892. Now, you can get that initial version – scoops of vanilla with cherry syrup and a candied cherry on top, or other sundaes of your own choosing – at Purity Ice Cream, open since 1936 on Rt. 13. Purity doesn’t forget the dogs. Get some frozen stuff topped with a dog biscuit for Fido, and a cone filled with “Bulldog Crunch” or “Finger Lakes Tourist,” for yourself, at one of Ithaca’s most popular ice cream shops.

Hotels In Ithaca NY

Hotel Ithaca reception

STAY: Hotel Ithaca

For visitors who haven’t been to Ithaca in five or more years, what is now the Hotel Ithaca might come as a pleasant surprise. Formerly dated, the place now conveys a sleek and contemporary first impression.

Built in 1974 two blocks from the Commons, the property went through several brand changes  – the last a Holiday Inn. In 2014 the Hart Hotel group took over, renaming the hotel to reflect its location, and built a second tower – the North Tower – in 2018. Even if you’re not staying in the new addition, head to the top floor for gorgeous views of Ithaca.

View from top of Hotel Ithaca North Tower

As the town’s only full-service hotel with a large state-of-the-art Fitness Center, fit for college sports athletes, it is no surprise that competitive teams stay here. Hotel Ithaca is actually the Preferred Partner of Cornell Athletics.

Double Guest Room Hotel Ithaca NY

Rooms at Hotel Ithaca

Original rooms, renovated in clean shades of grey and wood, feature state of art stone-tile bathrooms, and are available in various configurations (e.g. Queen Doubles, Queen or King Singles, rooms with balconies, others with fireplaces).

While North Tower rooms are slightly more traditional-modern, with rich leather furniture and dark wood floors, all 170 rooms and suites include large flat screen TV’s, dreamy, cloudlike bedding, and a photo or two of local waterfalls, putting you in an immediate “Ithaca is Gorges” frame of mind.

Ithaca Social pub in Hotel Ithaca

Dining at Hotel Ithaca

In-house Ithaca Social offers a retro spot to unwind, with a black and white mosaic tiled floor, a cool bar, and college pennants and sports memorabilia on the walls.

Amenities at Hotel Ithaca

Complimentary free shuttle to campus and airport (reservations only, first come first served).

Large State of Art Fitness Room

For now, the indoor pool is under construction with reopening TBD.

Romantic King Fireplace Room Hotel Ithaca NY

Packages and Just the Facts

Hotel Ithaca offers plenty of packages, including, the Getaway Maven’s favorite Romance Package – one-night accommodation, breakfast, champagne, and chocolates – in a King Fireplace Suite.  Although most popular in winter months, the package is offered year-round, as is the “Hiking Package” – which includes a free shuttle to a preferred trailhead, and a cinch bag filled with bug spray, sunblock, Cliff Bar, trail mix, and water. Rooms from $170 per night. Romance Package for 2 from $259 per night, in King Fireplace Suite, $469.

(Hotel Ithaca was included on Getaway Mavens Best Romantic Hotels in the Northeast US 2022 list.)

Marriott Ithaca Commons Lobby Ithaca NY
Marriott Ithaca Commons Lobby Ithaca NY

STAY: Ithaca Marriott Downtown on the Commons

This boutique-style hotel is right on Ithaca Commons. Not your standard issue corporate Marriott, the smallish lobby encompasses a two-person reception area, one wall fashioned like a library with stocked bookshelves, some seating, and a larger restaurant area. On any given night you might find a raging game of Trivial Pursuits or a Wine or Food tasting event. It’s a happy, happening place, and a great center-of-town option for a mid-high-end stay.

Guest Room Marriott Ithaca Commons NY
Guest Room Marriott Ithaca Commons NY

Modern guest rooms are small and compact – with teak platform beds clad in white duvets, one wall stamped with graphic art, and plenty of outlets: two above each nightstand are super convenient.

Bathroom, Marriott Ithaca Commons NY
Bathroom, Marriott Ithaca Commons NY

Bright bathrooms sport large contemporary glass/tile showers and perfectly apt photos of area waterfalls.

Monks at Marriott Ithaca Commons NY
Monks at Marriott Ithaca Commons NY

There’s dining in-house at Monks. And, if you’re in the mood for toothsome “Bar Bites” and craft cocktails, beer, or wine, stay in and enjoy the convivial vibe. Otherwise – walk a few paces to Simeon’s next door for an upscale Bistro meal, Bol for Asian-inspired ramen bowls, or a cornucopia of choices a short walk away. My breakfast at Monk’s was fine – an overflowing plate of two eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, and toast done just right. Rates start at $154 per night and can top $700 for high-demand weekends.

More Romantic Getaways In The Finger Lakes Region

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