Corning NY: Glass and Western Art

WHY GO: When Thomas Edison required a “glass envelope” for his electric light, he asked the geniuses at Corning Glass in Corning NY to engineer something that would withstand the high temperature of the fragile filaments.

The scientists came up with the design we still use today – the light bulb. Established in 1851, Corning Glass Works moved from Brooklyn NY in 1868 to this upstate NY locale to be closer to coal (heating) sources. It’s been here ever since.

Corning Museum of Glass NY

To say that Corning NY is a company town would be an understatement. Most residents work for the lab that gave the world the 2-cup Pyrex Measuring Cup, Corelle tableware, and lately, Gorilla Glass for cellphones. (In 1998, Corning Glass spun off its consumer lines to concentrate on science, technology, and fiber-optic communications products). It has grown into a $10 Billion company with 46,000 employees around the world. Many live here.

Unless you are doing business with Corning, or interviewing for a job, most travelers visit for one main reason: the fantastically engaging Corning Museum of Glass. But, that’s not the only reason to plan a couple of days here. Corning is also home to the Smithsonian Affiliate Rockwell Museum, a bright and cheery feminist bookstore, a downtown full of fun shops and restaurants, and a bevy of chain hotels to choose from.

Things to Do in Corning NY

Patio Corning Museum of Glass

TOUR/MAKE: Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY

This intriguing museum brings you closer to the best of contemporary studio glass and glass objects throughout the ages than any other institution in the world. In 2015, a new 100,000 sq. ft. wing was added to house the museum’s highly admired collection of Contemporary Glass Art. These weird and creative installations, within 26,000 sq ft of  bright white galleries, make you think. And smile. And, often stare in wonder.  Be prepared to Instagram the hell out of each piece.

History of Glass

Extravagant Glass Furniture, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY
Extravagant Glass Furniture, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY

Plan to spend an hour perusing the History of Glass section, which begins with “The Origins of Glassmaking” in 2,000 BCE. Naturally, there’s lots of pearlescent Roman Glass. Those ancient Italians actually invented glassblowing, which up until then had been made in molds.

You’ll see a good amount of dainty, colorful Islamic glass, which introduced relief or cameo-style elements. And, of course there’s a wonderful collection of Venetian Glass, gilded Russian Glass, deeply colored chandeliers popular with Indian Royalty, and fantastical glass furniture.

One, an ornamental glass table topped by a frenetic, Rococo-ish punch bowl, is said to have a twin once owned by Liberace. 

Contemporary Glass Gallery Corning Museum NY

Naturally, you’ll find American glass from Jamestown to Corning – aka “Crystal City” – the Waterford of America. Holdings focus on cut glass from the 1850’s to early 1900’s and the “largest collection of glass paperweights in the world” including “Megaplanet” – the “World’s Largest Paperweight by Josh Simpson (available for $80,000 in the gift shop).

Watch a Demo and Make Your Own

Author making glass flower at Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY
Author making glass flower at Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY

Before seeing a “Hot Glass Demo” where a bowl is made on the spot, take some time to explore three floating pavilions of the interactive Innovation Center. For the ultimate in interactive, book a Make Your Own glass from $23 for a glass bead to $33 for glass flower or ornament.

Gearing up for glassblowing, Corning Museum of Glass NY

I can attest to the thrill of working with molten glass as it emerges from a 2,000-degree furnace.  There’s nothing like it.  RSVP is necessary – and slots fill up quickly. Museum open daily 9-5pm (until 8pm in summer). $20 adults, under 17, free.

Rockwell Museum Smithsonian Affiliate Corning NY
Rockwell Museum Smithsonian Affiliate Corning NY

VISIT: The Rockwell Museum (Smithsonian Affiliate)

What is a Museum of American Art, with a focus on Western Art, doing in this Northeastern US town? Yes, that is somewhat of a puzzle, but one that should be contemplated from inside its grand halls. The Rockwell Museum showcases Audubon to Warhol, and everything in between – with a deep dive into Frederic Remington and Charles Russell.

Intimate and approachable, The Rockwell staff welcome visitors warmly. With most tourists bound for the Corning Museum of Glass nearby, they seem surprised, but very happy, to see you. 

Frederic Remington Rockwell Museum Corning NY
Frederic Remington Rockwell Museum Corning NY

The building itself – formerly the 19th century Corning Old City Hall – is exceptionally beautiful. It should definitely be seen from both inside and out. After scoping out the art, spend some time in the terrific gift shop. You’ll do doubt find a functional work of art (or book, or jewelry) for yourself or friend at a reasonable price. Open daily 9-5, 9-8 in summertime, $11 adults, under 17 free. 

Feminist Bookshop - Card Carrying Books Corning NY
Feminist Bookshop – Card Carrying Books Corning NY

SHOP: Card Carrying Books and Gifts

Do you have a little feminist at home? And by “little,” I mean a young pre-pre-teen daughter you’d like to see grow up with the self-confidence to take on the world?

This cool bookstore is so much more than just books. It’s mission – to create a feminist future by providing great books, exclusive gifts, and quirky cards for socially progressive folks of all ages – is just the start. Card Carrying Books agenda includes a monthly Girl Gang Youth Group for locals. But fear not. You can sign up for a monthly packet of books, activism material and “delightful merch” delivered right to your door.

Where to Eat and Stay in Corning NY

EAT: Locals seem to love almost everything in town

Take a chance in the trendy Gaffer District. Try Hand and Foot – the newest sensation – for contemporary bites. The Cellar for great tapas. Tossed for vegan fare, and, terrific salads. And Slammin Jammin BBQ, which has been given the thumbs up by bbq-savy Southerners.

STAY: Chain Hotels

You have your pick of chain hotels, and generally the Radisson Corning gets the best reviews.

But I stayed at the Corning Comfort Inn – a 10 minute walk from the Corning Museum of Glass. And was pleasantly surprised. Though not much to look at from the outside, guest rooms have been updated, and service is excellent. In the afternoon, you’ll find warm cookies, a cheese tray and other bites in the lobby. All complimentary. In the morning, there’s a nice hot breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon, and more. Again, comp with room. As said room room rate hovers in the low $100’s (starting at $119 when this was written), I’d say that’s a really good deal.


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