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If it’s been a while since you last purchased tickets to Broadway shows in New York City, prepare for sticker shock. Premium seats now go for well over $200, and the most highly prized seats can be much, much more–think an insanely high $850 for the best seats to Hamilton. There are a number of online vendors that promise cheap tickets, but how to know if you’re getting good value? Here’s my tried and true guide to finding the best Broadway show tickets at discount prices.

What are popular shows on Broadway?

When is the best time to buy a Broadway show ticket?

Where are the best seats in a theater for watching a musical?

How to get best prices on broadway show tickets?

How to get Broadway tickets at a discount in New York?

Pick up a discount code on Playbill, TheaterMania, BroadwayBox, or New York Show Tickets and use it to buy  tickets from the theater website (usually through an affiliated ticket vendor such as Telecharge or Ticketmaster.) If you’re in the city, save the online fees and use the discount codes at the theater box office.

How to Afford Broadway?

What are rush tickets?

Wait until the day of the show when, in addition to the TKTs booths, discounted tickets can be purchased on the same day online at TheaterMania or at some theater box offices as “Rush” tickets. These are usually available in the last hours before the show, and may only be available to students and seniors. Check the performance space website for details, and find out if the venue offers Standing Room Only tickets (sometimes available for sold out performances.) Or take your chances on BroadwayBox (also available as a mobile app) where you can enter to win same day tickets in the Daily Lottery.

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  1. I’m listening to Showtunes as I write this. 🙂 As a Broadway addict who hasn’t seen a show in person in way too long, I love and appreciate these tips!

  2. You were right about not all front rows being created equal. Some theater’s front row is so close that you cannot even see the whole stage, so being in the front isn’t even as enjoyable as being further back. Thank you for sharing these amazing tips!

  3. I like how you listed the times of the year where Broadway is less busy. I am going to New York soon, and want to catch a show. Now I know that the time I’m going is a great time to go see a show! I want to find a good website to buy tickets from, one that I know is transparent with their transactions. There are so many out there, I will have to do a bit m ore research into finding one that works best for me.

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