Viewing: Malerie Yolen-Cohen and Sandra Foyt

Schenectady NY: It’s Electric!

WHY GO: Schenectady NY, nicknamed “The Electric City,” remains a General Electric Company Town. Founded by Thomas Edison in 1892, GE still dominates this upstate NY city. But Schenectady is also home to Union College, and is an Amtrak stop, with a historic live Theater in an appealing downtown. And therein lies its charm. So, […] Read more

Troy NY: Considerably Hip

WHY GO: Troy NY, formerly ratty, now considerably hip, has been undergoing a slow renaissance for a couple of decades. Troy is the “Official Home of Uncle Sam,” as the War of 1812 beef purveyor, Sam Wilson, lived here. But it’s also known as “The Collar City,” for the detachable collar invented in 1825 by […] Read more

Albany NY: Beavers, Hamilton, and Artful Architecture

WHY GO: Beavers. OK, now that I have your attention: Albany NY history begins with a slick little creature, whose pelts were coveted in the 1600’s by the fashion plates of Europe, and were found in abundance in this Hudson River region. So, traders came to the new Dutch settlement, followed by colonists who flourished […] Read more

Lake Placid NY; An Adirondack Getaway

WHY GO: The body of water that most people take to be Lake Placid is, in fact, not.  Main Street in this Adirondack getaway town actually fronts Mirror Lake – not much larger than a Cape Cod kettle pond – used for crew practice in summer and speed skating in winter. Approaching the settlement with […] Read more

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