Piedmont Region of Italy Is Like Tuscany Forty Years Ago

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The Piedmont Region, in Italy’s northwest corner just over the Swiss border, has one of the most achingly beautiful landscapes in the country if not on the whole face of the earth. Known for the uber expensive white truffle, and a hot-spot during Truffle Season, this area of Northern Italy is tranquil and uncrowded at other times of year.

Piedmont Italy Panorama
Piedmont Italy Panorama

Travelers who have been to Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, and even Tuscany, will find a relatively quiet, off-the-beaten-path series of hill villages where families have been making wine and digging for truffles for centuries.

The cities of Piedmont – Asti, Alba, Torino – are not swarming with tourists searching for Pucci and Prada goods.  Consequently, you have to love solitude, excellent Barolo, Barbaresco, and other grape varieties, narrow winding roads, and have a sense of culinary adventure, to get the most out of a stay here. 

The areas of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And Piedmont has been heralded as a center of the “Slow Food” movement.

Montaribaldi Vineyards Piedmont Italy
Montaribaldi Vineyards Piedmont Italy

If you have a few days and want to unwind in Piedmont, here’s a pictorial step by step guide:

1. Drive through the “Valley of Apricots”

It’s a spectacular road trip (3 1/2 hours) from Montreux Switzerland to Asti Italy. 

Road Between Montreux Switzerland and Piedmont Italy
Through the Swiss/Italian Alps from Montreux Switzerland to Piedmont Region of Italy

So, be sure to stop at one of the many road stands along the way that sell just-picked fruit. You’ll be tempted to eat these fresh apricots then and there. 

Roadside Stand in the Valley of the Apricots Between Switzerland and Italy
Stop for the freshest apricots imaginable in “The Vally of Apricots” from Switzerland to Italy’s Piedmont Region

2. Plan to unwind at a Piedmont vineyard estate inn like Castello Di Razzano

Sip estate wines, indulge in truffles, take a cooking class, peruse a “winemaking museum” or sit by one of the most stunningly set pools in the world. In order to do all of these things, you need not leave this exquisite hilltop wine resort. Although you can: Castello Di Razzano is just a 15 minutes drive from Asti, Italy.

Castello Di Razzano near Asti, Italy
Relaxing at Castello Di Razzano, Alfiano Natta, Italy

The pristine pool is set among vineyards with views of undulating hills in the distance.

Walkway to pool at Castello DI Razzano Piedmont Italy
Walkway to pool at Castello DI Razzano Piedmont Italy

Furthermore, you’re never too far from a glass of wine at Castello Di Razzano. The family produces its own wine and sells it to guests. Tastes are free.

Tasting Room at Castello Di Razzano Near Asti in Piedmont Italy
Tasting Room at Castello Di Razzano, Alfiano Natta (Piedmont), Italy

The Castello also features a History of Winemaking Museum on the premises. It’s a cool, informative trip though time.

Castello DI Razzano Wine History Museum Piedmont Italy
Castello DI Razzano Wine History Museum Piedmont Italy

3. Try out a nearby traditional restaurant

Ristorante Da Maria in Zanco is just 4 km from the Castello. You might even get a ride back via the chef, Georgio and his maitre d brother, Roberto Penna.

Restaurant Da Maria, Piedmont Italy
Ristorante Da Maria in Zanco, Piedmont Italy

Ristorante Da Maria in Zanco  is family owned and family run. 

Family owned Ristorante Di Maria Piedmont Italy
Family owned Ristorante Di Maria Piedmont Italy

4. Sign up for a cooking class  

If staying at Castello Di Razzano, an Italian Mama comes to you. ($125 per person includes instruction and multi-course meal. Truffles and Wine additional). Otherwise, ask the concierge to set up a cooking class elsewhere. 

Black Truffle For Cooking Class at Castello Di Razzano
Purchase Black Truffles for cooking class in Castello Di Razzano gift shop

Learn the fine art of pasta-making.

Castello Di Razzano Cooking Class Piedmont Italy
Castello Di Razzano Cooking Class

And then feast on the finished products!

Eating the Fruits and Vegitables of Our Labor
Peppers With Tuna and Anchovy Sauce – a regional specialty. Cooking class at Castello Di Razzano, Piedmont, Italy

The views and wine could not be better.

Dining After Making our Own Dinner
Dining on the fruits of our labor overlooking the courtyard of Castello Di Razzano, Piedmont, Italy

5. Take a wine tour at a generations-old family vineyard

Montaribaldi Vineyards has been turning out the rich red wines that have put this region of Italy on the map.

Family Vineyard Piedmont Region Italy
Family Vineyard Piedmont Region Italy

There are plenty of hints that even the youngest members of the family are involved in wine production. 

Childrens Drawing Ends Up on Wine Label
All generations are involved in the wine-making process.

In fact, at Montaribaldi, the newest generation traditionally draws pictures that become signature wine labels.

Montaribaldi Chardonay Label C:O Childrens Doodle
Montaribaldi Sigiuja Chardonay. Label designed by the youngest in the winemaking family.

6. Enjoy a wine seminar with bountiful homemade food pairings

Agriturismo Il Bricco in Treiso is a ten minutes drive from Alba. Sommelier, Serena, teaches groups about the Barolos and Barbaresco reds that have won over many a French wine loyalist.  In addition to the wine tours and tastings, you can also stay in this 4 room farmhouse for less than $100 per night.

Wine Tasting Paired With Homemade Italian Dishes
Wine expert, Serena, announces and pours wine while her mother, Olga, prepares dishes in the kitchen.

Be sure to arrive with a huge appetite (for both wine and food). Every morsel that comes from the kitchen is better than the one before. And there are many. 

Veggie Tart Part of Five Hour Wine Tasting Evening, Piedmont Italy
Olga’s Veggie Tart – one of 8 courses at Wine Tasting at Agriturismo Il Bricco, Piedmont Italy



House Made Pasta with Wine Tasting Piedmont Italy
House Made Pasta with Wine Tasting Piedmont Italy

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