Indulge In A Lavish Paradise at TRS Turquesa Hotel in Punta Cana

If the Palladium Hotels complex in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was a cruise ship, it would be a Mega Cruise Ship, accommodating thousands with every indulgence. And TRS Turquesa Hotel would be the very exclusive VIP section where the select few are treated to the best of the best.

The Palladium Hotel Group concept is that of all-inclusive luxury service, but their TRS brand takes that to the next level at exclusive, adult-only resorts. Only five total, there’s one in Ibiza, two in Mexico, and two in the Dominican Republic.

Read on to find out what makes the TRS Punta Cana resort so special, and so perfect for a couples’ retreat. Graced by turquoise waves and the pristine sands of Bávaro Beach, this all-inclusive adult-only resort offers a symphony of experiences that promise a vacation like no other.


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Where Is the TRS Turquesa Hotel?

TRS Turquesa Hotel is located in Punta Cana, on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Nestled directly on the beautiful Bávaro Beach, the resort is a part of the larger Palladium Resorts complex, which encompasses several luxury resorts spread out over more than half a mile of beachfront property.

Because there are several properties, each well separated from the other by lush tropical landscaping and yet connected by walking trails and cute little shuttles, you don’t even realize that the resorts can hold so many guests.

Open 5pm-2am, the Hemingway Bar at the Grand Palladium Punta Cana is the only Palladium bar (outside of the TRS property) serving top-shelf liquor.

The benefit for TRS Turquesa guests is that they can fully enjoy all the restaurants, nightclubs, pools, and other amenities throughout the Palladium compound. All the while, the TRS Turquesa property remains exclusive to its guests.

Is TRS Turquesa Hotel all-inclusive?

TRS Turques is an all-inclusive resort. This means that the price of your stay generally includes not only your accommodation, but also meals, beverages (including alcoholic drinks), and a variety of on-site activities and entertainment options.

Breakfast is available at the Helios and Capricho Restaurants, or from 24/7 Room Service. And what a breakfast it is! You can choose a la carte items or from an unbelievably extensive buffet selection.

TRS Turquesa, like other TRS Hotels, prides itself on offering its guests a sophisticated, adults-only all-inclusive experience, with a focus on personalized service, gastronomy, and relaxation. And because it is a top-level Palladium Hotels brand, you’re treated to special amenities such as dedicated butler service and top-tier liquors.

What Age Is Considered Adult?

The TRS Turquesa Hotel is “adult-only,” but what does that mean? At TRS Turquesa Hotel, the term “adults-only” refers to guests who are 18 years of age or older. This policy allows the resort to provide a tranquil and mature atmosphere, ensuring a relaxing and serene experience for all guests.

What Year Was The TRS Turquesa Hotel Built?

TRS Turquesa Hotel is a relatively new addition to the illustrious Palladium group of properties in Punta Cana. Constructed in 2013, this adults-only resort added a fresh dimension to the group’s already impressive portfolio. Always striving to offer guests a superior experience, the hotel underwent a significant renovation in 2018, ensuring that it continues to provide the very latest in luxury and comfort.

In the context of the Palladium Resorts timeline in Punta Cana, which includes properties such as the Grand Palladium Bavaro which took over a resort originally built in 1992, TRS Turquesa stands as one of the newest and most contemporary offerings.

First Impressions of the TRS Turquesa Hotel

Relaxation begins as soon as you arrive. A uniformed attendant takes your luggage before you enter the lobby and invites you to take a seat to complete the check-in process. A refreshing flower-garnished coconut drink is provided, but you could get anything you desire from the adjacent bar.

And then you’re escorted to your room, stopping only to be introduced to the butler assigned to your room.

Butler Service At The TRS Turquesa Hotel

At TRS Turquesa Hotel, the butler service is a testament to the hotel’s commitment to providing a truly personalized and luxurious experience to its guests. Operating 24 hours a day, the butler service ensures that all guests enjoy a stay that is not just comfortable, but truly bespoke.

Upon arrival, guests are assigned a dedicated butler, who becomes their personal assistant for the duration of their stay. Each morning, the butler sends a text to let you know what daily activities and weather to expect. And then they take care of any requests.

From making dinner reservations at specialty restaurants, and coordinating spa appointments, to calling up a golf cart shuttle, or arranging for rose petals on the bed, your butler takes care of all the little details.

One of the most over-the-top services they provide is to arrange a breakfast boat to be delivered to your swim-up suite (available for an additional expense.)

The butlers, who are trained to anticipate guests’ needs, maintain an impeccable standard of service and discretion, providing guests with the highest level of care and attention. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular guest, the butler service enhances your vacation experience, making your stay hassle-free and truly memorable.

Rooms At The TRS Turquesa Hotel

All rooms at TRS Turquesa are stylish and comfortable suites, some even have balconies with jacuzzis, but the sexiest guest rooms have swim-up terraces. These rooms have access to a semi-private pool that circles a small group of rooms.

On our recent visit, we enjoyed the comforts of a Junior Suite Swim-Up room and often had the pool all to ourselves. It was wonderful to take a dip as the sun set painting the skies with hues of oranges and pinks, or to sip on complimentary champagne with toes dangling in the water.

Inside the room, a generously sized jetted tub added another splash of relaxation to our sanctuary. And plush oversized towels, microfiber cosmetic cloth, and L’occitane toiletries were welcome additions to luxuriously appointed bathrooms.

Befitting the VIP treatment, the suites also feature turndown service, robes, and slippers. And because it truly is all-inclusive, the rooms come equipped with mini-bars stocked with an assortment of snacks (chips and chilled Snickers!) and beverages.

From the comfort of your room, you can enjoy the 24-hour room service, savoring an array of delicacies, anytime you wish. There’s even a pass-through window for food trays so you don’t even have to open your room door to have your every desire granted.

Dining At The Palladium Hotels

Restaurants At The Palladium Resorts

Most guests will never get around to dining at all of the Palladium Resorts’ dining venues. If you include all of the bars, cafes, and spa eateries there are over twenty dining venues. At TRS Turquesa Hotel, there are two main restaurants–Helios and Capricho–serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, where you can order a la carte items, in addition to a buffet that covers the gamut. A third restaurant, the French La Boheme, opens for dinner only.

Meals here are meant to be leisurely affairs, with lots of goodies to tempt even the most finicky eaters, and the option of indoor and outdoor seating. And, on a typical morning at Helios, there’s a Jazz saxophonist serenading guests at beachside tables.

Dining out is truly recreational, with a number of specialty restaurants throughout the Palladium complex to tempt every palate. On our short getaway, we enjoyed the sushi boat and Peruvian-inspired seafood dishes at Kusko. But there are also Indian, Italian, and Mexican restaurants as well as classic seafood or steakhouse options.

Plus, much like our favorite cruise ships, there’s a 24/7 Sports Bar where you can get snacks and soft serve ice cream all day, every day.

Open until midnight (later than any other Palladium pool,) the Secret Pool at TRS Turquesa, with a swim-up bar and in-pool loungers, is hidden away between coconut palms.

Bars At TRS Turquesa Hotel

And if you’re into bar hopping, you can also find a wide variety of this too. There are over twenty bars around the complex, with at least one bar in every lobby and another at each pool. You can find a couple of beach bars serving everything from frozen margaritas to your favorite soda. There are multiple swim-up pool bars, ranging from quieter sites to full-on party scenes. And with waiter service poolside and on the beach, you’re never more than seconds away from your drink of choice.

And that’s not even including specialty bars such as Piacere, the coffee shop at Grand Palladium Palace, or First, Wine, where (for an additional fee) guests can sample wine pairings.

One of the complimentary add-ons at TRS Turquesa Hotel is that in addition to the Aurum Lobby Bar, there’s a mixologist on hand at the adjacent bar during evening hours who concocts works of art using the most inventive techniques. During our stay, we attended a mixology class where two cocktails were made, one employing dry ice and the other a smoking cloche.

By far, the most interesting part of the experience was the Mama Juana tasting. The drink, usually made using rum infused with honey, herbs, and red wine, is often sold to tourists in little bottles. If you’ve ever grimaced over the souvenir version, you’ll find that the homemade stuff at TRS Turquesa is a far superior and tastier liqueur.

Dinner and a Show At The Palladium

Live music entertainment is found throughout the Palladium hotels, day and night. Talented artists serenade you as you dine under the stars or enjoy a glass of wine at one of the numerous bars on the property. Every evening, there’s an international singer or musician featured at TRS Turquesa, and a tropical band playing in Hemingway Bar at 10:30 pm.

But if you really love music and dancing, you won’t want to miss the performance at Chic Cabaret. Over forty performers sing and dance to hits from every conceivable era and genre of music, with every new song requiring an elaborate body-baring wardrobe change. There’s smoke, mirrors, and twirling Cirque-du-Soleil-type gymnastics.

The extravagance goes on for over three hours, and it’s accompanied by entrees served on platters that somehow manage to top the show. Reservations are required, and there’s an additional fee.

Bavaro Beach

Things To Do At The TRS Turquesa Hotel

The hotel faces the beautiful white sand of Bavaro Beach where you can relax, swim, or participate in water sports. Although on the Atlantic Ocean, Bavaro Beach is fairly calm; easy enough to kayak with enough wind to make a small catamaran fun.

There’s nothing to see if you’re hoping to snorkel at the shoreline, but there’s a beautiful coral reef a little further out. You’ll need to book an excursion to get to it though.

A kiosk on the beach (located closer to the Grand Palladium Bavaro Resort) rents out windsurfers and Hobie Cats, and provides lessons as well (for a fee.)

It’s run by Dolin Dive Center, and they also run local excursions, as well as dive trips and certification lessons.

Additional day trips, and activities such as horseback rides, can be arranged at the TRS Turquesa Hotel Excursion Desk. Check out our post on Things To Do In Punta Cana for some of our favorite local attractions and day trips.

Shoppers will want to check out the souvenir stores located between the Palladium hotels, or the local crafts shops on the beach. You’ll find jewelry made from coconuts or the local blue gem, Larimar. Plus, there are vendors strolling the beach, such as the guy who places a monkey on your shoulder and charges you for the privilege of taking a photo.

For the social butterflies, there’s a lively swim-up bar at the main pool. Here, refreshing cocktails meet engaging conversations, all complemented by the soft rhythm of live music.

Amidst all the fun and frolic, make sure to take some time out for yourself at the hotel’s splendid spa. A comprehensive menu of spa treatments is designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. From deep tissue massages to invigorating facials, each treatment is a pathway to tranquillity.

I very much appreciated a Hot Stones massage, but what made the experience especially delightful was the full complement of extras. There’s a hydrotherapy route that includes hot and cold pools, a sauna, a steam room, and even an ice fountain. And there’s a mud treatment alcove where you can slather yourself with three different kinds of beneficial clay masks.

From sipping cocktails in your private hot tub to dancing to the rhythm of live music, the TRS Turquesa Hotel in Punta Cana offers an unforgettable blend of luxury and leisure. It is a world where 24-hour butler service, private pools, minibars, and more, come together to create an idyllic paradise. It’s a place where the drinks are great, the views are breathtaking, and the experiences are priceless. The TRS Turquesa Hotel is more than a vacation destination; it’s a slice of paradise that touches your soul.

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