7 Enriching Things to Do in North Adams MA for Couples

Come to North Adams, Massachusetts to see what the fuss is about Mass MoCA, one of the largest contemporary art museums, and then plan to stay in one of the quirkiest country-contemporary-row-house redo of a boutique hotel – Porches.

Book your overnight around an event at Mass MoCA (literally across the street) or come off-season for real R&R. If you have another day and night, pair this getaway with Williamstown MA – just 6 miles away.

Where Is North Adams MA?

North Adams is a charming town located in the western part of Massachusetts, specifically in Berkshire County. Nestled in the scenic Hoosic River Valley, the town is surrounded by the Berkshire Hills and the Appalachian Trail.

Just a few hours’ drive from major cities–140 miles west of Boston, 170 miles north of New York City, and roughly 50 miles east of Albany NY–North Adams serves as both a tranquil getaway and a hub for art, culture, and outdoor activities. It’s especially well-known for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), one of the largest centers for contemporary visual and performing arts in the country.

Best Things To Do in North Adams MA

Entering Sol LeWitt Wing of Mass MoCA
Entering Sol LeWitt Wing of Mass MoCA

VISIT: MassMoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art)

Housed in a restored 19th-century mill complex, you’ll find massive sculptural, projection and painted installations from the likes of Sol LeWitt and Anselm Kiefer throughout MassMoCa’s labyrinth of rooms.

Teresita Fernandez 27,000 pieces of Graphite Installation
Teresita Fernandez 27,000 pieces of Graphite Installation

The 26-building compound, which once housed a textile dye factory, Arnold Print Works, known for its cutout Victorian cat and dog pillows, and then Sprague Electric (1930-1985), is now a cutting-edge world-renowned art museum, performance space, the fine Gramercy Bistro restaurant, book publishers, lawyer and accountant offices, and other repurposed spaces.

Though the three-level LeWitt exhibit is for all intents and purposes permanent (it’s here until 2033), most installations are temporary.

MassMoCA also offers a preponderance of performances – from dance to music to film to Cabaret nights with food and drink.

Set against the scenic backdrop of the Berkshire Hills, Gallery 51 serves as a cultural hub, featuring a rotating roster of exhibitions that showcase both established and emerging artists. The space often collaborates with local art initiatives and is a must-visit for anyone looking to delve into North Adams’ thriving art scene.

VISIT: Berkshire Art Museum

The Berkshire Art Museum is a compelling showcase of modern and contemporary art that engages its visitors with its diverse collection and rotating exhibits. Located in a repurposed church, the museum’s unique setting adds an atmospheric layer to your art exploration. From sculpture to multimedia installations, the museum captures the essence of today’s art world while serving as a cultural linchpin for the town. Don’t miss the museum’s permanent collection, which includes captivating pieces that challenge traditional art forms.

HIKE: Mount Greylock

Soaring above the surrounding landscape, Mount Greylock stands as the highest point in Massachusetts, offering breathtaking vistas of natural beauty that stretch as far as Vermont and New York. Accessible by both hiking trails and a well-maintained road, the peak is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone looking to escape into nature.

Mount Greylock - Veterans War Memorial Tower

The Veterans War Memorial Tower at the summit adds a layer of historical significance, while the seasonal Bascom Lodge offers rustic accommodations and dining. With opportunities for hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and bird watching, Mount Greylock promises an immersive outdoor experience regardless of the season.

The Mount Greylock State Reservation Visitor Center serves as an essential starting point for exploring Massachusetts’ highest peak. The center offers informative exhibits on the area’s natural history and hiking trails, as well as maps and resources to help you plan your ascent. Friendly staff are on hand to answer questions and provide insights, ensuring a rewarding and safe outdoor adventure.

The Mohawk Trail from North Adams to Mount Greylock offers a scenic drive through the lush Berkshires, replete with winding roads, breathtaking vistas, and opportunities for hiking and outdoor exploration.

HIKE: Natural Bridge State Park

Post-museum, get back to nature with a visit to Natural Bridge State Park. A 30-minute hike from downtown, this park features a naturally occurring white marble arch and a man-made marble dam. If you’re up for it, extend your hike to include the scenic Cascade Waterfall.

GO: Windsor Lake

Windsor Lake is encircled by walking paths and picnic spots, making it an ideal location for couples seeking a peaceful afternoon. For the more adventurous, kayak and paddleboard rentals are available, providing a unique way to explore the lake’s calm waters. Seasonal events like live music concerts add a communal vibe to the area, while the adjoining Windsor Lake Park features a public beach, playground, and fishing areas.

Western Gateway Heritage State Park
Western Gateway Heritage State Park Visitor’s Center Museum

EXPLORE: The Heritage State Park

Continue your day by visiting the Western Gateway Heritage State Park. The museum here tells the story of the Hoosac Tunnel, an engineering marvel of the 19th century. It’s an insightful experience for those interested in history and engineering.

North Adams would have never been a mill town in the first place if it weren’t for the brave men who engineered, blasted, and constructed the Hoosac Railroad Tunnel.

In the early 1800s, the Hoosac Mountain was a barrier to transporting people and goods between Boston and Albany by rail via Northwestern MA.

Without the benefit of computers or drilling machinery, Civil Engineers of the day devised a way to blast through 25,000 linear feet of dirt and rock (working from each side of the mountain), successfully meeting in the middle with, astoundingly, a total alignment error of less than an inch.

Hoosac Tunnel Exhibit
Hoosac Tunnel Exhibit

It took over two decades (from 1851-1875), and much loss of life (over 200 men died, mostly from nitroglycerine explosions), but this engineering feat remains, at 4.75 miles, the “longest railroad tunnel in North America east of the Rocky Mountains.”

For engineering geeks and non-geeks alike, the harrowing story of the building of the Hoosac Tunnel is one of the highlights of the excellent Heritage Gateway Visitor’s Center, located in the former Boston and Maine freight yard, and is a great way to round out a visit to North Adams.

Restaurants–North Adams MA

Gramercy Bistro at MassMoCA
Gramercy Bistro at MassMoCA

EAT: Gramercy Bistro (at Mass MoCA)

It’s quite surprising to find this fine, white-linen restaurant in the Mass MoCA complex, where textile or electric component factory workers once toiled. Enter the front door (across from an antique shop), and let your eyes and ears adjust to light jazz, dim lights and MoCA-worthy art, before sitting down to an inventive meal.

Gramercy Bistor Appetizer
Gramercy Bistor Appetizer

Prior to delicately consuming Thai Style Trout  or Coq au Vin Blanc, order the signature Grilled Lettuce Wedge – a deconstructed BLT, which features a pie-shaped slice of creamy bleu cheese in lieu of toasted wonder bread. Tackling it is the opposite of delicate, but the combination of tastes and textures oddly works.

For non-carb eaters, a pretty bowl of olives and pickled veggies comes to the table with warm bread. Ditch the bread and ask for more veggies. They are that tasty.

PUBLIC, North Adams MA
PUBLIC Eat+Drink, North Adams MA


Five years ago, there was a paucity of good places to eat in North Adams. Now, there are at least two. PUBLIC in many ways is the opposite of Gramercy Bistro. Open, industrial, floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the street-front (think: Edward Hopper’s Diner) beer-oriented (try the toothsome Trail Magic from local Glass Bottom Brewery – it tastes like hoppy Trail Mix), fun and reasonably priced, choose PUBLIC on those days and nights when you want to share a burger and beer with friends.

Beet Salad at PUBLIC, N. Adams MA
Beet Salad at PUBLIC, N. Adams MA

Gourmet Burgers, the likes of the Local – with Truffle Cheese and the Public – with Caramelized Onions – all cost the same unbelievable $12. And even more inspired fare – Black Truffle Risotto, for example, is merely $17. 

Mass MoCA Cafe

EAT: Café at Mass MoCA. You can find great homemade soups and sandwiches at this main-level café. Nothing fancy, but the food is very fresh and good.

Hotels in North Adams MA

Porches Inn North Adams MA
Porches Inn North Adams MA

STAY: Porches Inn

For the discerning traveler, there’s really only one place to stay.  An homage to the past, with an eye toward the future, Porches Inn is an example of witty repurposing.

The ultimate in building recycling, developers took an eyesore and created a luxurious, but homey inn, utilizing pieces of the wreckage.

Once a dilapidated series of row houses for the millworkers who toiled across the street (at what is now MassMoCa), each guest room is an upscale, charmingly quirky take on blue-collar Victoriana; what a reviewer termed “granny chic.”

Porches Inn - North Adams MA


There are 52 rooms set inside 6 main buildings (each building comprised of two-row homes connected by an interior hallway topped by a skylight), so you’ll have to walk outside at some point to get to your room.


One-bedroom suites are spacious enough to contain a family of four – equipped with a Queen bed and a pocket door that closes off a sitting room with a desk, settee, and pullout couch.

Guest Suite with Pocket Doors

Touches include pumpkin-colored wainscoting, linen curtains that look like hanging laundry, a TV/Minibar cabinet built like an apothecary case, and in the still-gleaming bathrooms; white subway tiles, slate floor, and mirrors made from salvaged window frames.


A Continental Breakfast is set out in the Reception Building

While there’s no restaurant on site, staff will direct you to the best in town – just a few blocks away.

Hot Tub at Porches Inn

The Outdoor Heated Pool and Hot Tub is open year-round. A well-equipped Fitness Center is open 24/7. An Honor Bar that includes mixed drinks, wine and beer, is set out from 5pm until late at night every day.

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