The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley PA: Destination Spa Supreme

Life is hectic. Between work, errands, and social commitments, finding time to decompress can be a challenge. That’s why places like The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania, are so invaluable. This adults-only, award-winning spa resort offers a level of luxury and tranquility that’s second to none, making it the ultimate escape for anyone looking to recharge their batteries.

The Lodge At Woodloch in Hawley PA is located on 150 woodland acres in the Pennsylvania woods, about 100 miles from New York City. The Lodge is the upscale, luxury-spa component of The Woodloch Pines Resort – situated about 2 miles away.

Living Room, Lodge at Woodloch, PA #VisitPA @getawaymavens

The kid-friendly Woodloch Pines has been family-owned and operated for nearly 60 years. But the adult-only (16 and up) Lodge At Woodloch opened relatively recently, in 2006.

Remarkably, in that short span of time, this exclusive 57-room hotel has been ranked among the Top Ten “World’s Best Destination Spas” by both Conde Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure Magazine.

The Lodge at Woodloch joins this roster of 18 Top Romantic Getaways in Pennsylvania. You might just get some more romantic getaway ideas.

First Impressions of Lodge at Woodloch

From the moment I was vetted at the main gate, and then drove under the portico of the Adirondack-style lodge entrance, I felt at peace.

Part of this had to do with the top-notch service that met me outside the lodge building. It was, remarkably, a “don’t worry, we’ll get your bags to your room and valet your car, no ticket needed” kind of fawning, which was repeated throughout my stay from super-friendly, unpretentious employees.

Outdoor Hot Tub Lodge at Woodloch PA #VisitPA @GetawayMavens

Part of that serenity also had to do with the fact that the only decisions I had to make for 3 days concerned choosing which fitness classes to attend and what to order during three daily gourmet meals.

But this sense of peace also had a lot to do with what I first encountered: a lobby that captures the essence of the surrounding woods, a coterie of guests clad in terry robes, the absence of cell phones (none allowed outside of private rooms), fires cracking in fireplaces throughout the building.

A girl could get used to this kind of pampering.

Lodge at Woodloch Labyrinth

The Lodge at Woodloch redefines what we’ve come to expect from a Destination Spa experience. You can take advantage of each and every hard-core workout class, yes. But you can also walk meditatively around the newly paved outdoor Labyrinth, sooth your bones in a Restorative Yoga Class, or do nothing but sit in the Library and read. Your choice.

Alcohol is permitted, although wine and drinks are not included in the “all-inclusive” price. And the excellent cuisine is far, far from rabbit food

Guest Rooms at Lodge at Woodloch

Guestroom, Lodge at Woodloch PA

Moss-hued carpeting, subtle grass-cloth wallpaper, stone-based lamps, an organic tree-trunk mirror, an upholstered chair, an ottoman, a bent twig rocker, a granite bathroom with marble shower and drapes imprinted with budding tree branches; the space seems breathed into existence by Mother Nature herself.

Keeping up to date, there’s a large flat screen HD TV and other modern conveniences. But the point is to unplug here, wander the grounds, from class to class, or to the spa for treatments.

Offering modern amenities and panoramic views of the property’s stunning private lake, these rooms provide a serene backdrop for rest and relaxation. From your room, you’ll be able to take in the natural beauty of Northeast Pennsylvania’s lush landscape, setting the tone for a truly peaceful getaway.

Dining at Lodge at Woodloch

Tree Restaurant, Lodge at Woodloch PA

TREE Restaurant, with picture windows overlooking an outside patio fire pit, the woods, and a 15-acre lake beyond, offers some of the best and most refined food in the region.

It’s no surprise that it’s won over fans from New York City and other urban areas. Not surprisingly, it also draws patrons who are not staying here (but guests do get first dibs on reservations). Regardless of the time of day, the wait staff is friendly and on the ball.

Breakfast, Lodge at Woodloch, PA

Breakfast and lunch are casual. Come in your bathrobe if you’d like – but do dress for dinner. Evening is the only time of day you are required to wear real clothes. You’ll want to look nice while taking pleasure in an exceptional 4-course meal.

Pheasant Sausage, Tree Restaurant, Lodge at Woodloch

Dishes change seasonally, with many ingredients sourced from on-site gardens and beehives, or from nearby farms. My Udon Noodles with Vegetables in Citrus Soy Sauce was slurp-upably fantastic.

And the house-made Pheasant Sausage, followed by Sliced Sirloin With Flash-Fried Brussels Sprouts were, like all meals here, beautifully plated and superbly prepared.

Tuna Tartar, Tree Restaurant, Lodge at Woodloch

Mentally prepared for a less fine fare at an all-inclusive resort, I was shocked and impressed by the epicurean experience here. As a Wine Spectator Restaurant Award winner, its no surprise that this destination spa is popular with gourmands and oenophiles from all over the world.

Classes and Amenities at Lodge at Woodloch

Dock, Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley PA

A paved path snakes around the hotel’s 150 acres and from it you can access the meditation Labyrinth, an archery range, the dock, the waterfront, and a little activities shack called The Lily Pad.

Inside Lily Pad, Lodge at Woodloch PA

From 9 am-5 pm, head to the Lily Pad for s’mores kits, with tended wood fire right outside for marshmallow roasting. You’ll also find fly-tying and fishing classes, and accessories for a slew of other outdoor adventure sports.

Roasting marshmallows for s’mores outside of the Lily Pad, Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley PA

In winter: snowshoeing and x-country skiing. In summer: kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

Drums Alive, Lodge at Woodloch, PA

All of these activities are included in the daily rate – as are all indoor studio classes. On day one, I mellowed out by taking the “Restorative Yoga” class that utilized props to help me stay in comfy positions.

Next, a “Mala Meditation” session, introduced me to the 108-bead method of focusing and quieting my mind. The following day, I revved it up with Drums Alive and 50 minutes of Zumba.

Later, I did laps, ran, and took a Water Aerobics Class in the gorgeous indoor pool.

Kettle Bells, Lodge at Woodloch

Much to my disappointment, I missed “Off the Wall Yoga,” which uses straps and gravity to open the spine. I steered clear of Bollywood Belly Dancing, T’ai Chi, and Cardio Blast Legs.

And I avoided the large machine-filled fitness center entirely. There are classes at any given time of day, ranging from meditation to full-on workouts. Take your pick.

Cooking and Craft Classes, Demos, and Entertainment

But even if saying the word “exercise” makes you sweat, there are plenty of other options here, including the ever-popular cooking demonstrations by top chefs in a professional chef’s kitchen.

Gallery Hallway, Lodge at Woodloch

You can also take craft lessons (silk scarf-making, mosaics – extra charge). Or join a meditation session. Or learn to increase your longevity through diet. For added pleasure, peruse the art in the “Gallery Hallway,” featuring regional artists, on the way to the Library or to your room.

Woodloch Pines Show, Hawley PA

In addition, there’s the evening Broadway-style show at The Woodloch Pines, accessed by a Lodge bus. I know it sounds hokey and slapdash, but trust me, this professional and entertaining musical is a hoot.

Shows are staged twice a week (Wed. and Sat) in a large dinner-theater space. Last year’s “Salute to TV Show Theme Songs” was a big-hearted trip down Memory Lane for me. I was blown away by the talented voices and skillful acting chops – of the Woodloch Pines staff! Wow!

Spa at Lodge at Woodloch

What sets The Lodge at Woodloch apart from other destinations is its world-class spa. This isn’t just a place to get massages and facials—though those are exceptional as well. The resort’s holistic approach to wellness aims to provide you with stress-relieving outlets that will continue to benefit you long after you leave. From hydrotherapy to spiritual awakening workshops, the array of spa services on offer cater to both body and soul. It’s no wonder this is an award-winning destination spa; a visit here will rejuvenate you in ways you’ve never imagined.

Though spa treatments cost extra, you’ll want to book at least one during your stay.

Start with a swim in the indoor pool or a quick shvitz in the steam or dry sauna. And then yield to the pleasures of an array of therapies and body treatments.

There’s a massage for Migraine Relief, CranioSacral bodywork, and even Float Therapy in a large, illuminated tank. It’s nothing like the coffin-like deprivation tanks of old.

Just the Facts

There are packages and discounts midweek and off-season. But figure on about $500-$600 per person per night. This includes three gourmet meals per day, group fitness and wellness classes, lectures and cooking demos, use of spa and fitness facilities, guided group adventures, valet parking, wi-fi, daily newspaper, and all gratuities. 18% is added as a service charge, so no tipping is necessary during your stay. Does not include alcoholic beverages or spa treatments.


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