Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

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What to do in Victoria Falls? Start with these and read the complete story on Huffington Post HERE.


Vic Falls BungeeBungee Jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge – a stomach churning 350 foot plunge.

Victoria Falls

Visit the Falls. The whole of the town of Victoria Falls is actually a National Park, which means that animals are given free reign on the streets. But go into the actual “Falls” park to view of this Wonder of the World, twice as tall as Niagara Falls (350 feet) and a mile long. Though a drought this year (end of 2015) has lowered the volume a bit, the “Smoke that Thunders” – the indigenous name for the falls due to mist created by its force – still roars with water.Victoria Falls Bridge TourTake the Victoria Falls Bridge Tour. A bit tamer than the crazies who Bungee Jump or “Swing” 280 feet down from a platform on the bridge (my two grown sons among them), the Bridge Tour includes an orientation by the “135 year old” engineer who designed this structural marvel in 1904 followed by an amble 420 feet above the raging river (you’re harnessed in) on a catwalk built below the road. As part of Cecil Rhodes “Capetown to Cairo” railroad idea (never realized – it went as far as Tanzania), the bridge had to withstand the rigors of high heat and constant water. Still standing, the Victoria Falls Bridge is a testament to the genius of structural engineers at the turn of last century.

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