Lobster Divers of Rhode Island

The men of Rhode Island are a hardy bunch, as I can attest after meeting Nick Caron. I met the young man on a Newport, Rhode Island shore in early October after he had put in a hard day’s labor with the East Bay Dive Center. He and his buddy were suiting up to kayak out to where they would spend the next 3-4 hours spear fishing for lobsters. This was a sunny day in early autumn, but still, it was pushing it to say that water temperatures reached the low 60s. As much as I love lobsters and spear fishing, even toe dipping was torturous for this warm waters kind of gal.

If you’re up for the challenge and don’t mind the chill, do check out the Massachusetts Freedivers Spearfishing Club. They host meetups and tournaments, including events in the North Atlantic Spearfishing Championship.

Plan a Getaway, Maven Style:

Image Details:

Camera NIKON 7000D
Focal Length 24mm
ISO 400
Aperture f/11
Exposure Time 1/500

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