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8 Great Spring 2017 Gifts for Your Favorite Globetrotter

These 7 travel tools, clothing, and accessories (and one “Sneak Peak”), handpicked Getaway Maven Favorites, will help your traveling loved ones get the best out of any globetrotting style or destination. ARCOPEDICO LETA TRAVEL SHOE A lightweight, durable, breathable, water-resistant walking shoe, the Arcopédico Leta goes on (and feels like) a slipper, but performs like a hiking shoe: […] Read more

8 Great 2016 Spring Gifts for Your Favorite Globetrotter

Do your loved ones adore camping out? Are they fans of hitting the road to wherever, or flying off on a whim? Do they favor playing on the beach with kids, or discovering that hot new, albeit, dimly lit restaurant in the City? These 8 new travel tools, handpicked Getaway Maven Favorites, will help them get […] Read more

Seven Great 2015 Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Globetrotter

Year round, the Getaway Mavens are busy traveling and testing out new accessories, gadgets and clothing to make any getaway easier. This year, I whittled down a few hundred “pitches” to a couple of dozen that I included in this year’s Newsday Holiday Gift Guide.  And then, I whittled down further to what I consider […] Read more

A Dozen Great Travel Tools and Accessories for Spring 2015

Here are the Getaway Mavens 12 picks for Best Travel Tools and Accessories for Spring 2015 1. Tees By Tina. You can mush these one-size-fits-most dresses into little balls, throw them in an overnight bag, and look va va voom and wrinkle-free after hours (or days) on the road. A unique stretch fabric with lots […] Read more

Travel Gifts: Extravagances and Necessities Your Loved Ones Hope You’ll Give Them

This article first appeared in the Huffington Post……. Travel Gifts I’d Like To Get As a travel writer, and  a freelance travel gift guide curator for magazines and newspapers, I try out lots of gear, clothing and accessories. I toss the ungainly, impractical, and downright ugly.  I usually eschew expensive Labels.  I just want something […] Read more

12 Terrific Inexpensive Travel Gadgets for The Spur of the Moment Traveler

What to get that special someone with itchy feet? These gadgets, tools and devices are perfect stocking stuffers.  Order them all for a thoughtful holiday basket.  All are Getaway Mavens tested, Getaway Mavens approved. 1. Back in the day, we called them “Moist Towelettes. ” Now they’re known as Wet Wipes. Either way, these fresh-smelling grime-fighters […] Read more

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