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Road Trips Are More than Just a Means to Get from Point A to Point B

I am a road trip junkie. My mother, Mirta, never got a driver’s license and neither did her mother. In my grandmother’s time that wasn’t so unusual. Meme was of a generation where the man of the family did all the driving, but an automobile was always more than a mere mode of transportation. The first […] Read More

Southbound on Taconic State Parkway

New York’s answer to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Taconic State Parkway is the longest parkway in the state and arguably the most scenic. Running 104 miles from Chatham, NY to Kensico Dam, the parkway is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places for its role in developing American roadways. The entire drive can […] Read More

Tour Madava Farms, Home of Crown Maple Syrup, Dover Plains NY

Madava Farms – Crown Maple Syrup Factory Tour – Dover Plains NY – worth the detour! To find the source of what many believe is the best tasting, organic, premium maple syrup on the planet, you’ve got to drive on some rutted, muddy roads on land so secluded, asphalt hasn’t reached it yet. And then, just […] Read More

Savannah In a Day

One of my favorite stops on the 20-hour road trip between New York and Florida is in Savannah, Georgia. Besides being one of America’s most beautiful cities, it’s a wonderful place to stretch your legs and fill up on comfort food. The first time I visited Savannah, GA it was with a plan to tour the birthplace of […] Read More

The Ultimate Roadside Emergency Kit to Survive any Disaster–Except the Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever noticed how the worst mishaps seem to happen when you least expect them? The best time to prepare for the next Snowmageddon or freak tornado is before you travel. Here’s how to pack the ultimate roadside emergency kit and what you need to know to survive anything Mother Nature throws at you. Learn Before […] Read More

Smethport PA to Linesville PA on PA Route 6 (120 Miles)

WHY GO: Right on PA Route 6, Monster Truck driver, Joey Sylvester, made his World Record Jump in northwestern PA at the annual Cornfield 500. That should give you some idea of recreation in this seldom visited region of this long state. You’ll also find an old-fashioned rambling inn/dinner theater and some massive penitentiaries of […] Read More

70 Miles from Wellsboro to Smethport on US Route 6 in PA

WHY GO: This 70 mile stretch of PA’s US Route 6 takes you back the kind of vacation you might have experienced in your long-ago childhood. Drive through rolling, emerald hills- very much like those of the Blue Ridge Parkway: Each twist and turn offers stunning views, and every once in awhile a slice of small […] Read More

Hawley PA to Wellsboro PA: 140 Miles On US Route 6

WHY GO: The “Endless Mountains” in northern Pennsylvania are no hype. The mountain range does seem surreally endless; green and rolling, sculptural and shadowy, mostly following the course of the twisty Susquehanna River. Traversing Pennsylvania’s northeastern border is quite a beautiful ride. Begin where the Mavens left off in Hawley PA, then drive 140 miles […] Read More

Dennis, MA to Eastham, MA; 15 Oceanfront Miles on Cape Cod Route 6A

WHY GO: The light.  The clam shacks.  The breathtaking salt marshes.  All that is authentic Cape Cod is concentrated along this magnificent stretch of old Route 6A, where you can indulge in great art followed by exquisite meals and then spend a night amid the splendor. Things To Do In Cape Cod DO: Bike the […] Read More

Drive Cross Country on US Route 6

What’s the longest Federal Highway in the USA?  US Route 20. What’s the SECOND longest (and longest CONTIGUOUS) highway?  US Route 6!  It is now 3,205 miles long. Before 1964, when California renumbered its roads and Route 6 extended all the way to Long Beach, Route 6 was the longest Federal Highway in the land […] Read More

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