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See Newport RI Like a Gilded Age Tycoon or America’s Cup Sailor

WHY GO: Newport RI has a flair for the dramatic. The town is both paean to the America’s Cup Yacht Race and the conspicuous consumer lifestyle of the Gilded Age, with lots of shopping thrown in. As the “Yachting Capital of the World,” Newport hosted the America’s Cup from 1930 until the 1980’s, and now […] Read more

Watch Hill, Westerly, and Other Charms of Southern Rhode Island

WHY GO: In the late 1800’s, vacationers came to the beach towns of Rhode Island for fresh sea air and to frolic on clean wide swaths of sand. Now, as you climb the hill that overlooks Watch Hill RI harbor on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, you can almost hear the joyous shouts of those […] Read more

Ocean House: Watch Hill RI

If you want to be spoiled in the best way possible, come to the Ocean House  in Watch Hill RI, and you’ll enjoy as civilized and tranquil a shore stay as you’ll find anywhere in the world, with over the top service well worth the pretty penny you’ll spend. Originally built in 1868, by 2003 the […] Read more

Narragansett RI in Winter

WHY GO: Those who believe that New England beach resort towns are dead in the wintertime must visit Narragansett RI – a popular Atlantic Ocean beach community – in the coldest months. For starters, January is the best month for surfing (who knew?), down-filled outerwear is made for brisk strolls on snow-covered sand, favorite restaurants […] Read more

The Break Hotel, Narragansett RI

This winter,  The Break Hotel in Narragansett RI is the perfect refuge for shell-shocked East Coasters who wish to unplug from the crazy campaign hoopla, unruly weather, and crowds. On a side street in a residential neighborhood a couple of blocks from the steely Atlantic Ocean, this beautifully designed 16-room boutique hotel is a respite […] Read more

Block Island RI: Slow Down and Walk

WHY GO: The smallest and closest of the New England Islands (along with Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket), it’s slightly over an hour from New London, CT by high-speed ferry to this baby-chick shaped chunk of land just 7 miles long and four miles wide. In the late 1800’s, Victorians built hotels overlooking harbor and ocean, and […] Read more

Castle Hill Inn, Newport RI

Three miles removed from the madness of downtown, the Castle Hill Inn sits on headlands overlooking Narragansett Bay, making it the perfect vantage point to watch boat traffic coming in and out of Newport Harbor. Built as a Marine Laboratory and summer home for Swiss-born copper-mining tycoon, Alexander Agassiz, whose studies formed the basis for […] Read more

Bristol RI: The Most Patriotic Town In America With A Very Dark Past

WHY GO: Many small American towns may boast that they bleed Red, White and Blue, but the little coastal town of Bristol RI really does.  At least on its main street, where the center line isn’t white or double yellow, but striped in the colors of the American Flag. In 2015, Bristol celebrated its 230th Fourth of […] Read more

Providence, RI: Beehive of Creativity

WHY GO: Once called the “Beehive of Industry” Providence, RI fell hard during the Great Depression only to be hit even harder by a devastating 1938 Hurricane. Deep in decline by the 1970’s, city officials decided to take action, uncovering downtown rivers that were buried beneath roads and embracing a passionate artistic community spirit. It’s […] Read more

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