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Pennsylvania’s Medieval Cathedral and the Temple of the Three Stooges

WHY GO: Why go? Because a Pennsylvania Rags to Riches Captain of Industry, John Pitcairn, founded a whole new religious branch of Christianity about 15 miles north of Philadelphia, and built a cathedral on his property. Because his son, Raymond, continued his work and in the process amassed the largest collection of Medieval stained glass […] Read more

Philadelphia’s Backyard – Perkiomen Trail, Skippack Village and Foodie Treasures

WHY GO: Where do Philly folk go when they’ve had enough of the city? Philadelphians have trekked 30 miles West for over a hundred years to recreate in the hills of Montgomery County. The train tracks that once carried them have been turned into a lovely paved and graveled bike and jogging path along the […] Read more

Gettysburg, PA; Beyond 150 Years

WHY GO: A decisive battle of the Civil War, and the place where President Abe Lincoln chose to commemorate the dead while attempting to reunify a nation, Gettysburg tells the story of our county’s bitter divide better than any other site in the country. Millions of people from all over the world visit this town […] Read more

Philadelphia PA; A Garden of Delights

WHY GO: It’s amazing how many gardens you’ll discover in Philadelphia; some landscaped, others with nary a fern, plant, or even dirt.  You’ll find that the word “Garden” can be interpreted in many ways, from shops to restaurants (no, not the one that starts with Olive) to eccentric creations.  This Weekend Getaway highlights some well […] Read more

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