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The Poconos PA: Soul Satisfying Lake Naomi Escape

WHY GO: What?  You don’t have a lake house? Well, here’s your chance to dip your proverbial toe in the water for a drop in the bucket. All figurative cliché’s aside, this family-friendly Poconos PA Getaway isn’t posh or particularly upscale, unless you consider spectacular sunsets, lakeside heated pool, sailing classes, pro tennis instruction, lazy-day […] Read more

Philadelphia Arts and Letters: Murals, Melville, and Magnificent Meals

WHY GO: Of course there are a million reasons to visit Philadelphia, one of this Maven’s favorite cities. But this Getaway introduces readers to art masterpieces that will never see the inside of a museum, books so precious and rare you can look but don’t touch (except for exclusive “Hands On” experiences),  a restaurant with […] Read more

Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia PA

Guests have been known to circle Rittenhouse Square looking for a Beaux Arts building: with an uptown name and location, you’d expect the Rittenhouse Hotel to be somewhat neoclassical. This contemporary tower is the last place you’d expect it to be housed. But when you do finally pull into the circular stone entry to this […] Read more

Central Bucks County PA: Playhouse Renewed

WHY GO: The Bucks County Playhouse is back! Yes, the legendary “Summer Stock” theater, which had launched the careers of Grace Kelly, Robert Redford and many others, and which had fallen on hard times, has reemerged as a Playhouse Powerhouse. Author James Michener and Henry Mercer also have roots here, adding more reasons to visit fascinating, celebrity-studded Central […] Read more

Be A Maker AND Taker in Philadelphia PA’s Reinvigorated Neighborhoods

WHY GO: From its inception, Philadelphia has been a city of diverse “Makers.” Founded as a center of commerce rather than a religious colony, newcomers didn’t have to pay that irksome Church tithe, so strivers from all backgrounds sought their fortunes here. By 1740, Philadelphia was the largest city in the colonies –  an engine […] Read more

Macabre Philadelphia PA; Not Just for Halloween

WHY GO: When Charles Dickens came the United States in 1842, he wanted to visit just two tourist sites: Niagara Falls in New York and the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Eastern State, the first penitentiary in the world, was a prison unlike any other at the time, luring more curiosity seekers than even Independence […] Read more

York County, PA; Snack Food Capital Getaway

WHY GO:  As you drive through York County, the air is pungent with manure and frying potatoes in alternating blasts.  Factories large and small spew out the junk, er, snack food favored by teens and Superbowl fans. In the spirit of discovering where food comes from, this Getaway is quite the departure from our usual […] Read more

Valley Forge National Park With Eccentrics On the Side

WHY GO: Because Valley Forge was the third of eight Revolutionary War Winter Encampments, and you’ll discover why it was important enough to commemorate.  Because an 18 year old James Audubon was dispatched here (by his French father) to avoid conscription in Napoleon’s army. Because you can hear and see hundred-year-old Wurlitzer Organs and Nickelodeons […] Read more

Pennsylvania’s Medieval Cathedral and the Temple of the Three Stooges

WHY GO: Why go? Because a Pennsylvania Rags to Riches Captain of Industry, John Pitcairn, founded a whole new religious branch of Christianity about 15 miles north of Philadelphia, and built a cathedral on his property. Because his son, Raymond, continued his work and in the process amassed the largest collection of Medieval stained glass […] Read more

Philadelphia’s Backyard – Perkiomen Trail, Skippack Village and Foodie Treasures

WHY GO: Where do Philly folk go when they’ve had enough of the city? Philadelphians have trekked 30 miles West for over a hundred years to recreate in the hills of Montgomery County. The train tracks that once carried them have been turned into a lovely paved and graveled bike and jogging path along the […] Read more

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