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Downtown NYC: I’ll Take Lower Manhattan

WHY GO: A trip to Downtown NYC is an emotional journey, especially if you haven’t been here since before 9-11-01. While some iconic buildings remain (the Winter Garden, Trinity Church), everything you thought you knew about lower Manhattan is history. The whole landscape has been so transformed as to be unrecognizable. The new soaring World […] Read more

Conrad Hotel NYC: A Beacon of Cool in the Shadow of the World Trade Center

The Conrad Hotel, New York City There are several qualities that make a hotel great, and the Conrad Hotel NYC– a Hilton brand – has all of them.  First, aesthetics: the Conrad is a Modern-Art knockout. Second, service: hotel staff seem to be hired with the kind of proud, friendly and I’d go so far […] Read more

West Point NY: A Patriotic Getaway

WHY GO: Whose official motto remains “Duty, Honor, County”?  Hint: It’s the same institution that upholds its unofficial motto “Sink Navy” – our country’s preeminent military academy, West Point. And yes, you can tour this Revolutionary War stronghold and actually stay, in relative luxury, on base. This Getaway includes an often ignored, but incredible Hudson […] Read more

See The Real Stephen and Other Opportunities in Midtown Manhattan

Tourists stay in midtown New York City in order to see a Broadway show or clip clop through Central Park in a horse-drawn carriage. After all, what else is midtown Manhattan good for? Presumably, Getaway Mavens readers have done these things. Multiple times. So really, what’s left to do and see within the slice of […] Read more

Park Central Hotel: Renewed In New York

Park Central Hotel 870 7th Ave. New York, NY How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Stay at the newly refurbished Park Central Hotel and walk across the street. Yes, this former way station for Hollywood stars (Mae West and Jackie Gleason) and First Ladies (Eleanor Roosevelt, who kept a suite here), known in the […] Read more

WestHouse Hotel NYC

WestHouse New York 201 W. 55th St., NY, NY Just a few blocks from Central Park, Carnegie Hall, the Late Show, and within view of the lights of Broadway, the WestHouse Hotel NYC  demonstrates a keen attention to detail and anticipatory, customer-is-king service. The staff really want to make your stay as amazing as possible. […] Read more

Hyde Park, NY: FDR And Top Chefs

WHY GO: A visit to Hyde Park NY on the Hudson River would not be complete without a tour and meal at the CIA – in this case, the Culinary Institute of America – our nation’s premier culinary educational institution, spending at least half a day at the new $35 million FDR Museum and Library at […] Read more

Bedford and Katonah NY: Home to Music, Art and Celebrities Since 1795

WHY GO: When bold-faced names wanted to sneak away from the “Big City” – back when our country was first formed – they came to the wilds of what is now Katonah and Bedford in Westchester County, NY. They still do, though the “wilds” have been tamed a bit. And even though there’s a outdoor […] Read more

Gatsby’s Long Island, NY; How the Other .001% Lived During the Gilded Age

WHY GO? Because you can live out your Great Gatsby fantasies, if only for a weekend, in the very place Fitzgerald’s novel is set. Because the Vanderbilt’s, Roosevelt’s, Woolworths, and the like built mansions on Long Island to rival those of Newport, and you can stay overnight in one. Because everyone knows about those Rhode […] Read more

Blissful Hudson River Vistas And Five Star Dining in Croton-On-Hudson, NY

WHY GO: Stand on the banks of Croton Point Park and you are inside a sublime landscape painting; the looming forested bluffs of the Palisades, the graduated fingers of land extending into the Hudson River, the sun’s reflection on steely waters coalesce into a strikingly familiar tableau.  It is, after all, where the artists of […] Read more

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