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Gloucester MA: At the Intersection of Fisheries and Art

WHY GO: The iconic statue, “The Man At the Wheel” defines Gloucester MA past and present. Sporting foul weather gear, the Fisherman’s Memorial, erected in 1923, lists the thousands of Gloucester mariners lost at sea. Home port of the Andrea Gail – the fishing boat that went down with all hands, immortalized in the book […] Read more

Port Chester/Rye NY: Epicenter of Rock and Roll and Great Ethnic Food

WHY GO: Port Chester has always been the poorer industrial cousin to neighboring Rye, Harrison, and Greenwich, CT, so why do the Mavens recommend it?  Well, one of them spent her formative years working in her father’s downtown office and has watched Port Chester’s revival and growing culinary scene with appreciative interest. Back in the […] Read more

Somers Point NJ: Still Rockin’ On

WHY GO: A fishing village turned rock ‘n roll hub, Somers Point NJ was the drinking nightlife counterpoint to dry Ocean City – a bridge away – and still is. Though 50’s/60’s rock venues like Tony Mart’s (mythologized in the movie Eddie and the Cruisers) have shuttered (headliners moved ten miles away to Atlantic City), […] Read more

Long Island City and Astoria, Queens NY: The Other New York City

WHY GO: In the 1970’s Long Island City, a manufacturing hub, descended into drugs and prostitution. It wasn’t until the opening of the 42-story Citylights Building in 1996 (when a one-bedroom condo could be had for $16,000) that this beleaguered section of New York City began to turn around. Now, the borough of Queens is experiencing […] Read more

Scranton PA: Trains, Coal And A Whole Lot of Magic

WHY GO: Nicknamed “The Electric City,” Scranton PA was the first city in the country with an electric trolley system in 1886, though, ironically, electricity didn’t put Scranton on the map. Anthracite coal and a major railroad center did. Scranton, in fact, once fueled the country, and its wealth attracted world-renowned architects like Raymond Hood […] Read more

Visit Movie Locations in the Northeast USA

Where were your favorite movies made? TV Shows produced? You’ll be happy to know that not all great flicks were filmed in some hidden soundstage, and not all TV shows are produced or shot in New York and L.A.  Here’s the Getaway Mavens list of movie locations all can visit. Click on the town or city to […] Read more

Pittsburgh PA: Who’s Making Movies Today?

WHY GO: There are all kinds of reasons to visit Pittsburgh PA. With 90 distinct neighborhoods, it’s a big city with lots of big city appeal. Steel has moved out and technology is in. Google has a presence here, robotic companies are innovating, and the “world’s first Gold LEED certified” convention center, completed in 2003, […] Read more

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