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Conrad Hotel NYC: A Beacon of Cool in the Shadow of the World Trade Center

The Conrad Hotel, New York City There are several qualities that make a hotel great, and the Conrad Hotel NYC– a Hilton brand – has all of them.  First, aesthetics: the Conrad is a Modern-Art knockout. Second, service: hotel staff seem to be hired with the kind of proud, friendly and I’d go so far […] Read more

Revere Hotel Boston: Stay Trendy In Beantown

Ole Beantown, land of staid, traditional sensibilities and aesthetics, has been emerging of late into chicdom, at least where hotels are concerned. Jury’s (now Lowe’s) led the boutique hotel brigade in Boston, carving trendy accommodations out of a Victorian-Era police station. Next, the sassy Liberty Hotel, which rose from the granite shell of the old […] Read more

Park Central Hotel: Renewed In New York

Park Central Hotel 870 7th Ave. New York, NY How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Stay at the newly refurbished Park Central Hotel and walk across the street. Yes, this former way station for Hollywood stars (Mae West and Jackie Gleason) and First Ladies (Eleanor Roosevelt, who kept a suite here), known in the […] Read more

WestHouse Hotel NYC

WestHouse New York 201 W. 55th St., NY, NY Just a few blocks from Central Park, Carnegie Hall, the Late Show, and within view of the lights of Broadway, the WestHouse Hotel NYC  demonstrates a keen attention to detail and anticipatory, customer-is-king service. The staff really want to make your stay as amazing as possible. […] Read more

Best Hotel Booking Sites Compared

When hotel booking sites first appeared on the web, they were a godsend. Suddenly, you could look up rates, availability, reviews AND book reservations all in one place. But now that online travel planning is a given, we expect more. The best travel sites not only offer the cheapest rates but also a plethora of […] Read more

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