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Sandoval Lake Lodge: At Play In the Peruvian Amazon

It’s one hour from Lima to Cusco, then another half hour flight to Puerto Maldonado in the Peruvian Amazon Basin: just 30 minutes from one of the highest elevation cities in the world to the bright green, dripping, muddy world of the Rain Forest. There’s a good chance you’ll land inside a whipping, monsoon-like storm […] Read More

Diani Beach and Mombasa, Kenya: Paradise and Adventure on the Indian Ocean

Written by recent Princeton grad, Stefanie Siller, who is currently working in Kenya.   Last week, my friend Rhianna and I embarked on an adventure to the Kenyan coast. Our trip started with Diani Beach, a small strip of paradise located along the Indian Ocean. After a full day of travel (5 hours to Nairobi via […] Read More

Stratford, Ontario; Beliebe it or Not

WHY GO: Here’s a strange fact: Stratford, Ontario, a good two-hour drive from Toronto and home to the preeminent Shakespeare Theater Festival in Canada, is also hometown of teen hottie Justin Bieber. Talk about Yin/Yang.  This small outpost has also been nurturing quite a Locavore culture drawing high-caliber chefs who work magic with the products […] Read More

Escape to Fort Worth, Texas

WHY GO: America’s independent frontier spirit is alive and kicking in Fort Worth, Texas. Cattle drives, rodeos, and honky tonk bars give colorful testament to the city’s Western heritage.  But there’s more to why 5.5 million visitors make Fort Worth the No. 1 tourist destination in Texas each year. Many come to the City of […] Read More

Drive Cross Country on US Route 6

What’s the longest Federal Highway in the USA?  US Route 20. What’s the SECOND longest (and longest CONTIGUOUS) highway?  US Route 6!  It is now 3,205 miles long. Before 1964, when California renumbered its roads and Route 6 extended all the way to Long Beach, Route 6 was the longest Federal Highway in the land […] Read More

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