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Wine Pairing at Markham’s in Disney’s Golden Oak

By the time dessert made an entrance, I knew that there was something familiar about dinner at Markham’s. I was in Orlando, Florida–far from my upstate New York home– sharing a wine pairing meal with a group of journalists. Because we were there to experience what it’s like to live in Disney’s Golden Oak luxury residential resort […] Read more

Lancaster County PA Settlers; Religious Leaders, Brewers, Watchmakers With Some Trainspotting on the Side

WHY GO: There are quite a few ways to approach Lancaster County PA; experiencing the city itself as an arts magnet, getting lost among the “Simple Folk” in the surrounding farmlands – or stepping back in time to study the seeds of Amish and Mennonite life in the region. The oldest Mennonite Meeting House – […] Read more

Middletown, Portland CT; Home of Brownstones And Wesleyan University

WHY: Like Cher and Madonna, Brownstone requires no last name. Read any city real estate listing and you’ll find “brownstones” without further identification.  Are they houses? Kitchen counters? Of course not.  You just know they are those iconic reddish brown row houses, arrayed side by side, stoop steps spilling onto tidy sidewalks. Though “Brownstones” need […] Read more

Sandwich, MA; On the Edge of the Cape Cod Canal

WHY GO: It’s the first town over the Bourne Bridge, so if you want to be on “The Cape” but can’t see driving another mile, bed down here.  You can learn firsthand about the Canal you just crossed, taste and buy jam the way it was made 110 years ago, and ride an historic indoor […] Read more

Boston MA; Both Dark and Delicious

WHY GO.  Granted, this is a unique Getaway, but if there’s anything Boston has shown us is perseverance and resiliency in the face of evil. Boston, as you may know, is no stranger to bloodshed. Beginning with the Boston Massacre and Boston Strangler, and most recently, the Marathon bombing, this City of Patriots has seen its […] Read more

New Bedford, MA; A Grungy Working Port With Literary And Historic Appeal

WHY GO: Called “The City That Lit the World,” more pure, smokeless spermaceti (whale oil) came from whaling ships in New Bedford than from anywhere else on earth. In its heyday,  750 whaling vessels plied the waters of the world from U.S. shores: Of those, a whopping five hundred hailed New Bedford alone. One was the Acushnet, […] Read more

Philadelphia PA; A Garden of Delights

WHY GO: It’s amazing how many gardens you’ll discover in Philadelphia; some landscaped, others with nary a fern, plant, or even dirt.  You’ll find that the word “Garden” can be interpreted in many ways, from shops to restaurants (no, not the one that starts with Olive) to eccentric creations.  This Getaway highlights some well known […] Read more

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