Douro Valley and Northern Portugal in Pictures

Douro Valley, Portugal

WHY GO: The Douro Valley in northern Portugal might not be on the mind of every wine-lover, but the way things are going, it soon will be. Home to some of the best Ports in the world (Dow’s 2007 Vintage Port, 100 Points, Wine Spectator Magazine), and a growing number of acclaimed Reds, the Douro Valley is  witnessing a budding “Tuscany” moment. But why stop at the Douro Valley? Drive north, and you’ll start to see groves of olive trees clinging to mountainsides, supplanting the vineyards to the south. Portuguese Olive Oil producers are also having a moment – and you are welcome to visit.

The photos below provide an overview of towns, wineries, restaurants and a former King’s palace, now a stunning boutique hotel.

Things to Do in Douro Valley and Northern Portugal

Quinta Do Crasto - Douro Valley Portugal

Plan an intimate wine-pairing lunch at a private winery estate home. Quinta Do Crasto wines are some of the best on the planet, and you are invited to try a few of the best vintages in a magazine-photo-shoot-ready estate home – complete with starchatect-designed infinity pool – overlooking the Douro River and vineyard studded hills.

Quinta Do Crasto Estate Infinity Pool, Portugal

Your visit begins with a tour of the grounds, and, if chilly out, ends inside a small antique home where nibbles are set out before a warm fireplace.

Quinto Do Crasto Private Home, Douro Valley Portugal

And wine flows like water. (10-people maximum, 62 Euro per person for tour, wine and extensive lunch). 

Wine Pairing Lunch at Quina Do Crasto Estate, Portugal

You can continue from there to other tasting rooms around the valley. Stop at Symington’s Quinta Do Bomfim, the winery that brings you some of the best Port Wines in the world.

Quinta Do Bomfim Wine Tasting, Portugal

These establishments are tough to find (some not even on GPS), especially if you are “trying” lots of wines, so it helps to have a guide.

Quinta Do Bomfim Tasting Room, Portugal

Plan another day in a rustic northern town, like Romeu, which was renovated after falling to seed.

Romeu, Portugal

Romeu is sleepy and picturesque, with a small “Museum of Curiosities” and a fantastic stone restaurant, Maria Rita. (See Where to Eat below).

Maria Rita Restaurant, Romeu, Portugal

From Romeu, it’s a short ride to the somewhat larger town of Mirandela, home to Casa De Santo Amaro Olive Oil Producers. Just “knock on the door” and someone will give you a tour – and it just might be an associate obtaining his PhD in oil sensory properties at a top Portuguese University (yes, they take their Olive Oil that seriously here). You also might be privy to seeing busloads of countrymen buying 5 liter jugs of Virgin Oil for the incredible price of 16 Euro.

Casa De Santo Amaro Olive Oil Producers, Open House

Where to Eat in Northern Portugal and Douro Valley

Rustic lunch in northern Portugal

Maria Rita Restaurant in Romeu, Portugal. Wines and olive oil set out for guest don’t get more local than this. You may need to stop a few times to ask for directions, but it’s well worth snaking uphill for a couple of miles to find this gem.

Maria Rita Restaurant, Romeu Portugal

And, back in the Douro Valley, you’ll find the modern yin to Maria-Rita’s rustic yang – the DOC Restaurant.

DOC Restaurant, Douro Valley, Portugal

A contemporary rectangle of a space set right on the Douro River, DOC serves up some of the most exciting and innovative dishes this side of Lisbon, including this Pop-Rock laced “explosion of Grapefruit” intermezzo.

Pop Rock Amuse, DOC Restaurant, Douro Valley Portugal

Where to Stay in Duoro Valley and North

Vidago Palace Hotel with bus, Portugal

There are two standouts in this area of Portugal – Six Senses in the Douro Valley near Porto and Vidago Palace about one and a half hour drive from Porto. Our Girlfriend Group chose the Vidago Palace for its spa, beautiful surroundings and service. See a pictorial overview HERE.

Lisbon and Sintra, Portugal In Pictures

View from Lisbon Bairro Alto Hotel, Lisbon Portugal

WHY GO: Lisbon Portugal is a hot destination right now – and should be. It’s the closest Mainland Europe city to New York (a 6 1/2 hour flight), colorful, classic and innovative all at once. Mosaic sidewalks, cobblestone streets, terra cotta roofs, tiled buildings – Lisbon is eye-catching no matter which way you look. Here – the Getaway Mavens give you real time tested advice about what to see, where to shop, hottest places to eat and one great hotel to put you in the center of things.  Read (and look) on:

Things to Do in and Around Lisbon Portugal

Chiado Shopping area, Lisbon Portugal

Take in the stunning walkways and streets of the Chiado shopping district.

Mosaic Street workers, Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon carefully tends to its aging streets – fixing them with an artistic eye.

Portugese crafts, A Vida Portuguesa, Lisbon

You can find every Portuguese product worth bringing home at A Vida Portuguesa: beautiful tins of sardines (3-7 Euro), luxurious soaps, art tiles and plenty more attractively presented high quality local goods.

Paris Em Lisboa Linen Shop, Lisbon Portugal

Shop for linens at the 130 year old Paris Em Lisboa Linen Shop in Chiado. You’ll find luxury sheet sets and duvet covers for a fraction of what you’ll spend elsewhere.

Luvaria Ulisses Glove Shop, Lisbon

Buy custom-fitted leather gloves for 55-75 Euro at the tiny two-person at a time Luvaria Ulisses glove shop, which has been at the same location since 1925.

Pelcor Cork Products, Lisbon

Portugal is known for its cork products, and you’ll find some of the best cork handbags at the off-the-beaten-track Pelcor. Just FYI – ask for a Tax Return form if your purchase exceeds 62 Euro. They may not offer this information to you, but you are entitled to the 23% tax back at the airport with the proper form.

Arco da Rua Augusta, Lisbon Portugal

Walk down Rua Augusta – to the magnificent arch. And yes, you can go to the top for a fee.

Arco da Rua Augusta, Lisbon

The monument beyond the arch looks out over the Tagus River, which was once peppered with protective towers and forts. One of these was the Tower of Belem.

Belem Tower, Lisbon

Located in the Belem section of Lisbon, a visit to this fortification, built in 1515,  provides an overview of Lisbon history and grants great river views.

Discoveries Monument, Lisbon

Nearby, you’ll find this homage to explorers who set off from Portugal for new lands: The Discoveries Monument, built in 1960 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Lisbon’s own Prince Henry the Navigator. 

Pasteis De Belem, Lisbon, Portugal

Do not leave the Belem area without trying one of the city’s best known pastries – Pasteis de Belem – which is to Lisbon what Cafe Du Monde’s beignets are to New Orleans. The recipe hasn’t changed since 1837, when monks at the Monastery of Jeronimos next door began selling these sweet custard tarts to keep their home solvent.

Next, head back to the Bairro Alto district to compare pastries. Makers of these “Pastel de Nata,” as the Belem pastries came to be called, are quite competitive. You’ll find Manteigaria‘s version right off the square next to the Diesel store. You can watch them being made and they are served hot from the oven.Manteigaria Pastry Shop, Lisbon

The square is also where you’ll pick up Tram #28.

Square in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, Portugal

You’ll find the tram stop on the other side of the monument (above).

Tram 28, Lisbon Portugal

Ride the #28 Tram. Electric trolly cars come every five minutes or so on the route from Bairro Alto neighborhood to the Alfama District.

On Tram 28, Lisbon

If you intend to use the great public transportation system throughout the day, it pays to purchase a day-pass for 7 Euro (each ride costs 2.95 Euro).

Alfama District Dandy, Lisbon

In Alfama, you’ll come across local characters like this nattily dressed gentleman sporting the colors of his favorite soccer team.

Day Two – Sintra

Pena Palace from below, Sintra Portugal

Spend the day in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sintra – about 30 minutes from Lisbon and home to several Royal Palaces, including the whimsical and colorful Pena Palace.

Whimsy of Pena Palace, Portugal

To get the most out of a trip here – and the “Golden Triangle” area of Sintra, Cabo da Roca (the westernmost point of mainland Europe), the tony town of Cascais and a fresh-from-the-sea lunch at a local fishing village, book your tour through Sintra Magik Private Tours. This is personalized and professional service at its best – with incredibly knowledgeable and engaging guides who know history, speak English well and are very keen to showing visitors the best and most “local” restaurants and attractions.

Private Guide Through Pena Palace, Sintra Portugal

A full day private tour, which includes all transportation from 9am-5pm, entrance fees and a guided tour through Pena Palace, lunch at a local fresh seafood restaurant (not a tourist trap) costs just 135 Euro per person (plus a 35 Euro pick-up fee).  

Trident, Pena Palace, Sintra Portugal

Pena Palace is an amalgam of styles, themes, and colors – built on the grounds of a monastery and expanded by King Ferdinand in the mid-1800’s.

Port and Cheese Tasting, Continho Gourmet, Sintra Portugal

Sintra is also a little village (it’s not just the Palace, as many believe), where you can try out the Portuguese specially, Port Wine. The best place to do this, according to our guide, is in Cantinho Gourmet – in a back tasting room. You’ll learn the difference between Ruby and Tawny red Ports, and the rare but developing White Ports. There’s also cheese to try as well.

Cabo De Roca, Westernmost Point of European Mainland, Portugal

For those who thrill at “extreme” directional points on the globe, a stop at the Atlantic Oceanside Cabo Da Roca is in order, as it’s the Westernmost Point of European Mainland.

Grilled Sea Bass, Portugal

Cabo Da Roca is a very quick (and windblown) stop, before heading to Azoia, a small fishing village and home to the local favorite Casa Do Luis for just-pulled from the water Sea Bass, lightly grilled with olive oil and salt, filleted table side and served with potatoes and greens. Wow! Afterwards, you’ll return to your hotel with a heavy belly and a light heart. (Just an added affirmation – our group was so impressed with our Sintra Magik Guide, we tried to hire her to take us around Lisbon the next day, but she had other tours already booked).

Orient Train Station, Lisbon Portugal

Those who plan to travel by train to Porto will probably end up at Lisbon’s Orient Train Station. Even if you have no plans to travel out of the city, you should check out this beautifully designed structure by architect Santiago Calatrava. New Yorkers might recognize Calatrava’s style, as he also designed the just-opened the dove-shaped World Trade Transportation Hub in downtown Manhattan.

Places to Eat and Drink in Lisbon

This is not an exhaustive list in the least – in fact, I’ve barely got started – but it gives you a toehold.

Dusk in Lisbon

This is your view from the Barrio Alto Hotel’s Rooftop Terrace Bar, where your evening should begin at least one night. If you cannot draw yourself away (and most can’t), stay for dinner.

Fado singer at Clube Do Fado, Lisbon Portugal

And, to really get into Lisbon culture, plan one night listening to Fado Music. This from-the-gut, low-register mix of The Blues, Opera and Jazz – all in the Spanish-Russian sounding Portuguese language – is very alluring. Fado clubs in the Bairro Alto Neighborhood are like jazz clubs in New Orleans: One after the other on narrow lanes. For the best (with dinner as well), book a table at Clube Do Fadowhich is known to feature rising stars in a very esoteric firmament.

Sacramento Restaurant, Lisbon

From traditional (Fado) to contemporary, Lisbon is busting out all over with innovative cuisine. Here – the fun pink interior of Sacramento Restaurant offsets its serious foodie food. One of the best in the city, it was packed on a weekday night.

Time Out Market, Lisbon

If you can’t decide on cuisine, chose from a huge selection at Time Out Market near the waterfront in Barrio Alto (just down the street from Barrio Alto Hotel). A food court the likes of which you’ve never seen, this is where you’ll discover some of the best up and coming celebrity chefs. No big surprise its a great hit with locals and tourists alike.

Where to Stay

Bairro Alto Hotel, Lisbon

The Barrio Alto Hotel is steps from Chiado, steps from the riverfront,  Tram 28 goes right by the front door, and to top it off, it’s got one of the best rooftop bars in the country.  A boutique hotel, service is fun and on the ball, rooms and baths, though a bit small, are charming, wi-fi is free and European breakfast (including order your own egg dish) is hearty and delicious. Rooms from $270 per night.

Chinatown in the Year of the Monkey – a Photo Essay

Here is a new year’s celebration that lasts all year long. On February 8, 2016, New York City rang in the Year of the Monkey at Sara D. Roosevelt Park with the traditional Firecracker Ceremony, and on Sunday, the 17th annual Lunar New Year’s Parade will wind all through Chinatown. But that’s just the beginning–the Year of the Monkey goes on until January 27th, 2017.

Gold monkey ornament - New York City Chinatown in the Year of the Monkey Photo Essay via @GetawayMavens

Golden monkey ornament sold on Chinatown street corner is a bargain at $2 a pop.

Monkey is the ninth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac; last year it was the Year of the Sheep and next it will be the Rooster. It’s based on a lunar calendar dating back to 12 AD in which monkey years are all multiples of twelve.

Chinatown corner shop selling monkey ornaments and calendars. New York City Chinatown in the Year of the Monkey Photo Essay via @GetawayMavens

2016 doesn’t just have any old monkey, this year is associated with Fire Monkeys. There are five elemental monkeys in all: fire, wood, water, gold, and earth. Element-sign combinations recur every sixty years and are believed to affect personalities of people born in those years. Babies born in the year of the Fire Monkey are predicted to be  ambitious and adventurous, but irritable. Monkeys, watch out, the Year of the Monkey does not bode well for those born on this 12-year cycle. (Get the scoop on all this monkey business in Chinese Zodiac highlights.)

Firecracker Ceremony on Chinese New Year. New York City Chinatown in the Year of the Monkey Photo Essay via @GetawayMavens

By the time I arrived in mid speech at the Firecracker Ceremony on Monday, February 8th, the viewing perimeter was several persons thick. I couldn’t see any of the performances. But after the first few firecrackers, a spectator relinquished her park bench vantage point and I was able to look down on the the cordoned off stage area where the firecrackers were being set off.


The firecrackers were deafening and by the end of the display the entire square was covered in a dense layer of smoke.

Chinatown Firecracker Ceremony - Photo Essay on Chinatown in the Year of the Monkey via @GetawayMavens

After the smoke dissipated, I could see the performers as they left the staging area and I got to meet a couple of lion dancers. The Staten Island Lion Dancing team practices all year long–performing at birthdays, weddings, and other events–to be ready for Lunar New Year celebrations. Founded in 2004 by Master Glenn Chin, the multi-generational team consists of Lion Dancers, Drummers, Cymbal and Gong Players.

Lion dancers cart off costume. Photo Essay on Chinatown in the Year of the Monkey via @GetawayMavens

Lion Dancing costume hauled away in a cart by the Staten Island Lion Dancing team.

Unlike dragon dancing, lions are typically operated by two dancers and it’s harder to see the dancers’ faces as they are screened by the lion costume.

Chinese Dragon - Photo Essay on Chinatown in the Year of the Monkey via @GetawayMavens

Dragon costume seen on the streets of Chinatown.

Even after the lions were disassembled, the SIL team continued to ring in the year enthusiastically through the streets of Chinatown. They will be back in Chinatown on Sunday, February 14, for the 17th Annual Lunar New Year Parade & Festival and again on February 20th for Super Saturday-Lion Dancing. Full celebration schedule, with appearances around greater New York City can be found here.


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Photo Safari at the Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo entranceOpened in the 1860s, the Central Park Zoo was New York’s first zoo and the nation’s second (the Philadelphia Zoo preceded it in 1859.) Sometimes a source of controversy, the Great Central Park Zoo Escape hoax of 1874–polar bears and Bengal tires reported loose on city streets, oh my!–panicked and angered many New Yorkers. More recently, children’s book And Tango Makes Three, which tells the story of the zoo’s same sex penguin couple, Roy and Silo, drew mixed response. But the zoo continues to gather loyal fans and it’s featured prominently in popular books and shows, including: Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Madagascar & sequels, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures tv series.

Sea Lion Habitat - Central Park Zoo

Inspired by fellow Getaway Maven Malerie’s African photo safari and the proximity of the celebrity-status zoo to our Upper East Side hotel, I decided to tackle wildlife photography a little closer to home. At just 6.5 acres, the zoo was much smaller than I remembered, probably because this time I wasn’t running after an excited toddler.

Sea Lion at Central Park Zoo, one of the first zoos in the USA.

The stars of the zoo, a pair of frisky and preening sea lions, awaited me at a pool in the center of the zoo. It was feeding time, and they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm. One sea lion performed acrobatics as part of an enrichment exercise with the handler.

Sea Lion Enrichment

My best shot of the day was this capture of a sea lion jumping over rocks.

Sea Lion Jump - Central Park Zoo

I was surprised at how many animals were close enough to touch (not that anyone would!) Only a low fence separates onlookers and aspiring wildlife photographers from splashing sea lions, graceful white-naped cranes, climbing snow monkeys, and a frenetic red panda.

White-naped Cranes - Central Park Zoo - New York City

Snow Monkey - Central Park Zoo - New York City

Red Panda - Central Park Zoo - New York City

I am, however, happy to report that there is a very secure–and clear enough to photograph through–barrier around the grizzly bears.

Grizzly bears - Central Park Zoo - New York Zoo

And as cuddly and adorable as these snow leopards were, I was grateful to be able to capture their image through a transparent window.

Snow Leopard perched on rock - Central Park Zoo - New York City

Snow Leopards Playing - Central Park Zoo - New York City

Snow Leopard Close Up - Central Park Zoo - New York City

Just the Facts

Zoo entrance located in Central Park at 65th Street & 5th Avenue. Winter Hours: November-March, 10am-4:30 daily; Summer Hours: 10am-5pm weekdays, 10am-5:30pm weekends and holidays. Penguin Feedings: 10:30am & 2:30pm; Sea Lion Feedings: 11:30am, 1:30pm & 3:30pm. Ticket options, zoo map, and a variety of visitor experiences–including Children’s Zoo and 4-D Theater–detailed online at

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New York City for the Holidays

New York City is simply magical during the holidays. Starting even before the annual lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree in early December, and continuing into January, you can’t stroll down a block without running into festive decorations. I try to visit NYC at this time every year to see my favorites–the Rockefeller angels and all the incredible shop window displays–but what I love most is that there is something new to see every time.

Rockefeller Angels

Although the ice rink and massive Christmas tree are the main attractions at Rockefeller Center, they wouldn’t be complete without the twelve Christmas angels in the Channel Gardens. Sculpted by Valerie Clarebout out of a mass of wires 76 miles long, the angels were first introduced in 1954 and became an annual fixture by 1969. To get the full effect, I like to stand at the far end so as to glimpse the tree and ice skaters through the line of angels heralding the season from golden trumpets.

There are so many incredibly creative department store window displays, that you can’t go wrong walking in any direction in midtown Manhattan. But I usually start with the Miracle of 34th Street, Macy’s flagship store. This year, Macy’s six holiday windows paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of a Charlie Brown Christmas.

Macys Charlie Brown Christmas holiday window display

And for the eighth year, believers were invited to mail heir stamped letter addressed to Santa at The North Pole from a special mailbox onsite. For each letter received, Macy’s donates $1 to Make-A-Wish, up to $1,000,000.

Macys Santa Mailbox

The city even smells better during the holidays as every few blocks street vendors stock sidewalks with fragrant balsam fir trees. Sometimes, if particularly lucky, we’ve even run into stands roasting fresh chestnuts over an open fire.

Christmas Tree SaleOne new addition this year was the Garment District Holiday Market, between 39th and 41st Street. Lots of neat little gift items on sale here, but the best booth by far was the Stella Artois, where those of legal drinking age received free ale or cider in keepsake glasses.

Garment District Holiday Market

By chance, we ran into the Chanukah Parade. I wasn’t expecting it, and wasn’t quite sure what we were seeing when the first decked-out RV cruised by. But after a few of the 60+ vehicles sporting giant menorahs passed by, some handing out menorahs to Jewish spectators, we figured it out. (See Hannukah Events to find this and other related events in NYC and throughout USA.)

Chanukah Parade - New York City

This time we happened to be walking through the city on the night of SantaCon, a worldwide celebration that reaches critical mass in New York. Over 30,000 people dress up in Santa and elf costumes to go on pub crawls mostly through Brooklyn and the East Village, although I saw quite a few exuberant partygoers in Times Square.

SantaCon in Times Square

These merry folks are just a small taste of what to expect when the city comes together for that final blowout party at the Times Square Count Down on New Year’s Eve.

Times Square countdown

Happy Holidays!

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Pink Ladies and Mistletoe at Storm King Art Center

Over one hundred whimsically-named fountains and elephant-sized art installations dot the five hundred acres of rolling hills at the Storm King Arts Center in Mountainville, New York. The scale of this endeavor–one of the largest collections of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the United States–is almost impossible to comprehend, even when you see it in person. Here’s a small taste.

North South East West - bronze and steel sculpture fountain, part of the Lynda Benglis: Water Sources installation at the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York.

North South East West, one of the fountains in Linda Benglis’ Water Sources exhibit.

Pink Ladies - one of the fountains in the Lynda Benglis Water Sources exhibit.

Pink Ladies, another of the fountains in Lynda Benglis’ Water Sources exhibit, references style maven Diana Vreeland.

Alexander Calder's Five Swords cuts a crimson slash against the colorful backdrop of peak fall foliage in the Hudson Highlands .

Alexander Calder’s Five Swords cuts a crimson slash against the colorful backdrop of peak fall foliage in the Hudson Highlands .

Gui (Mistletoe) by Alexander Calder. Painted steel. 1976. Storm King Art Center.

Gui (Mistletoe) painted steel by Alexander Calder, 1976.

Find out more about the Storm King Art Center and other things to do nearby in West Point NY: A Patriotic Getaway.

Photo Opp at the Newseum

The Smithsonian's National Gallery of Art as seen from the Newseum Terrace.One of the top vantage points for taking travel photos of America’s most important street is at the Newseum‘s Hank Greenspun Terrace on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.  The National Gallery of Art, with the Smithsonian campus as its backdrop, rests directly in front, while the Federal Trade Commission sits to one side.

View of the Federal Trade Commission on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC as seen from the Newseum Terrace.

Even more impressive is the view of Washington, DC on the opposite side. Where else can you get that iconic shot of the United States Capitol building perched on your shoulder?

Photo Opp with the United States Capitol building in Washington DC

Washington DC Getaway Guides:

Image Details:

Date April 11, 2009
Camera  Canon EOS Digital Rebel
Lens  18-55 mm


Night at the World’s Fair in Queens

The Unisphere, aka World's Fair Globe, at night in Queens, New York City.

Built for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, the 12-story high, stainless steel Unisphere remains standing in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, New York City. At night, with the flashing beams of jets taking off from nearby LaGuardia Airport, the World’s Fair Globe takes on an otherworldly air. Appropriate enough for an event that signaled the dawn of the Space Age.

Discover the side of New York City that tourists rarely see in the Getaway Mavens Guide to Flushing, NY.

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Image Details:

Camera NIKON D810
Focal Length 24 mm
ISO 100
Aperture f/16
Exposure Time 15 seconds


The Most Photogenic Fall Foliage in the Northeast

Fall Foliage reflections on a pond in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York.For a few autumn weeks the Northeast transforms into a rich tapestry of gold and russet oak, birch, and sugar maple trees. Seeing fall foliage at peak intensity  is magical, but success requires perfect timing and the right location. 

Typically, leaves start turning colors by mid-September in the northernmost regions, gradually working their way toward the southern states. But it’s not as simple as that. Elevation, coastal access, and micro climates contribute to incredible variation even within a two-hour driving radius. Catching the show is complicated and fleeting. Diana, visiting from California just to see the autumnal display, says, “I’m surprised that in one week we could go from green trees to a full spectrum of red, yellow, and orange.”

Fall foliage at an Adirondack farm.

Yankee Magazine’s Leaf Peepr app pulls up a color-coded map that allows you to drill down or scroll to locate current foliage status all across the United States. Even armed with that information, you still need to know where to find the trees in a photogenic or at least picturesque setting.

Here are our best picks for where to go in Northeast USA to experience the changing of the leaves, and get those award-winning travel photos.

View of Catskill Mountains

View of Catskill Mountains seen from scenic overlook on Taconic State Parkway.

Northeast’s Top Fall Foliage Destinations

1.) Maine – The stunning natural treasure that is Acadia National Park is an obvious choice, but consider the coastal town that inspired Winslow Homer, Portland ME.

2.) New Hampshire – See the White Mountains awash in color from aboard the Mount Washington Cog Railway, the first mountain climbing cog railway in the world. (Check out our White Mountains destination guide for more area recommendations.) Or, head to New Hampshire’s lake region. Remember the film On Golden Pond? See Squam Lake where it was filmed.  Alternatively, access the Appalachian Trail from Hanover, NH, home to Dartmouth College.

3.) Vermont  – Base a visit to the ironically named Green Mountains in Bennington VT and discover the place that moved Robert Frost to poetry.

4.) New York – An easy way to see fall foliage in all its colorful stages is on the two hour road trip between NY’s Columbia and Westchester counties along scenic Taconic State Parkway. Further north, the Adirondacks cover six million acres, most of it heavily forested and with lots of reflective ponds and lakes.

5.) Massachusetts – Home to Norman Rockwell, the Berkshires are dotted with small towns and quintessential New England homes. Stunning in all seasons.

6.) Connecticut – Stroll through fields of flowers and/or undertake a Litchfield Hills fall foliage driving tour.

7.) Pennsylvania – Coast over hills and dales and through twelve creaky covered bridges along Bucks County Covered Bridge self-guided driving tour. Travel into the Pennsylvania wilds at the Allegheny National Forest. Or, soak in a sunset in the Poconos.

Dyken Pond - Fall Reflections

Fall Foliage Travel Photos

Best fall foliage shots from the Getaway Mavens archive:

Best Fall Foliage in the Northeast

Views From Walkway Over The Hudson State Historic Park

Walkway Over the Hudson BridgeOnce the longest bridge in the world, the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge used to carry raw materials from Western sources to Eastern industrial centers. In 2009, it was repurposed into the longest elevated pedestrian bridge and major New York attraction, now seeing over half a million visitors each year.

Upper Landing Park- Walkway Over the Hudson

Spanning 1.28 miles, the walkway rests 212 feet above the Hudson River, a height now easily scaled on the newly opened 21-story glass elevator which connects the walkway with Upper Landing Park and the Walkway Loop Trail.

Walkway Over the Hudson-Fall Foliage

Scenic any time of year, the path is particularly stunning when the leaves turn kaleidoscope bright in autumn.

Walkway Over the Hudson-river view

Plan a Getaway, Maven Style:

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