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Top 20 Proudest Towns in the Northeast (“Bringing you the best offbeat escapes in the Northeast”) is just one and a half years old, but with over 130 destinations from Virginia to Maine, it’s garnering lots of attention. The following most popular destinations – according to number of page views as reported on Google Analytics – indicate either enormous pride or […] Read more

Piedmont Region of Italy Is Like Tuscany Forty Years Ago

Piedmont, in Italy’s northwest corner just over the Swiss border, has one of the most achingly beautiful landscapes in the country if not on the whole face of the earth. Travelers who have been to Rome, Florence, the Almafi Coast, and even Tuscany, will find in Piedmont a relatively quiet, off-the-beaten-path series of hill villages […] Read more

Montreux Switzerland And All That Jazz

Ordinarily, Montreux Switzerland is a scenic, sleepy town on Lake Geneva.  But once a year, it burst into buzzy, bebop, bluesy beats when the Jazz Festival comes to town. If you are a fan of Jazz, Blues or R&B, and a lover of exquisite, serene lake towns, Montreux provides the best of both worlds. Montreux […] Read more

10 Top Summer Travel Trends

It’s no surprise to the mavens that road trip getaways are the preferred way to vacation, but did you know that travelers would rather lose luggage than their phones? Lots of surprises in Choice Hotels’ survey of top summer travel trends. Top Summer Travel Trends 1. More Trips, But Fewer Nights Away There will be […] Read more

Pete Seeger: The Man Who Cleaned Up The Hudson River – In Loving Memory

In 2003, I interviewed Pete Seeger about his role in cleaning up the densely polluted Hudson River. Humble, kind and gracious, Pete Seeger was one of my favorite interviews of all time. He would surely have much to say and sing about these days. I do miss him.  I wrote the following for Offshore Magazine […] Read more

Passports with Purpose 2013 – Build a School, Win a Kindle

You know that travel is a good thing, but what if travel could do good too? And what if while doing good, you could win fabulous travel prizes and cool toys? That’s the idea behind Passports with Purpose (PwP) which was begun in 2008 by a few travel bloggers who wanted a way to build […] Read more

Toronto Photos on Vine and Instagram

If you thought that Canada’s largest city was too urban for outdoor adventures, prepare to be blown away by these Toronto photos. Fronting Lake Ontario and intersected by three rivers–Don, Humber, and Rouge–Toronto is as much about beaches and water sports as it is hockey and ethnic foods. The CN tower adds drams to the Toronto skyline. Shopsy’s […] Read more

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