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Peak Fall Foliage in the Adirondacks

Plan a Getaway, Maven Style: Your Grandfather’s Adirondacks (with Better Food) Lake Placid – Gateway to the Adirondacks See New York Getaways for more destinations nearby. Image Details: Camera NIKON D800 Focal Length 40 mm ISO 125 Aperture f/5 Exposure Time 1/100 […] Read more

First Tinge of Fall Color at Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskills

 Plan a Getaway, Maven Style: The Great Northern Catskills of Greene County NY Catskill NY: River Gateway to the Mountains See New York Getaways for more destinations nearby. Image Details: Camera NIKON 7000D Focal Length 24mm ISO 200 Aperture f/22 Exposure Time 1/10 […] Read more

Fall Foliage Frames Bennington Battle Monument

  Built to commemorate a turning point in the American Revolutionary War, the Bennington Battle Monument stands 306 ft. 4 ½ “ tall in Bennington, Vermont. Take the elevator to the top of the obelisk for a picture-postcard view of the surrounding Green Mountains, turned all shades of gold and russet during peak fall foliage (typically […] Read more

100,000 Tulips Blossom In Washington Park, Albany NY

The City of Albany goes all out for Mother’s Day. Every year, more than 100,000 blossoms brighten the Tulip Festival set in historic Albany NY Washington Park. Beginning with the ceremonial scrubbing of State Street, and continuing with the Tulip Queen Coronation, Royal Tulip Ball, and Annual Mother of the Year Award, the Albany, NY […] Read more

10 Best Hotels to be Caught in A Storm (From Huffington Post)

With the “Blizzard of the Century” bearing down on the Northeast, this roundup of charming hotels and inns is timely. The following roundup was first published in the Huffington Post: Imagine a crackling fire, a fine glass of wine, a decadent meal, and no need to call for a taxi or grab your car keys. […] Read more

Visit Movie Locations in the Northeast USA

Where were your favorite movies made? TV Shows produced? You’ll be happy to know that not all great flicks were filmed in some hidden soundstage, and not all TV shows are produced or shot in New York and L.A.  Here’s the Getaway Mavens list of movie locations all can visit. Click on the town or city to […] Read more

Best Northeast Getaways for Literary Snobs

Some of the greatest literary classics were written right here in the Northeastern USA. Twain, Poe, Melville, and even, yes, the bane of High School SAT-takers, Noah Webster, all found their muse in this region. Are you or a loved one a dyed in the wool bibliophile? Check out the following Best Northeast Getaways for […] Read more

Best 40 Getaways in the Northeast for History Buffs

Colonial era, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Victorian and Gilded Age: much of what shaped our country happened on the Eastern Seaboard.  Choose one or more of the following 35 escapes to be immersed in American History. Click on each town to find the best attractions, restaurants and inns for educational and enlightening getaways, Virginia to Maine. CONNECTICUT […] Read more

Top 20 Proudest Towns in the Northeast (“Bringing you the best offbeat escapes in the Northeast”) is just one and a half years old, but with over 130 destinations from Virginia to Maine, it’s garnering lots of attention. The following most popular destinations – according to number of page views as reported on Google Analytics – indicate either enormous pride or […] Read more

Piedmont Region of Italy Is Like Tuscany Forty Years Ago

Piedmont, in Italy’s northwest corner just over the Swiss border, has one of the most achingly beautiful landscapes in the country if not on the whole face of the earth. Travelers who have been to Rome, Florence, the Almafi Coast, and even Tuscany, will find in Piedmont a relatively quiet, off-the-beaten-path series of hill villages […] Read more

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