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Hidden Valley B&B, Washington CT

Up a long, steep, woodland driveway, Hidden Valley B&B is certainly hidden from the world. You may have your doubts about what you’ll find as you pass a couple of modest neighboring homes on the way, but fear not. This is one of those places for which the well-worn phrase “Hidden Gem” absolutely applies. Though it […] Read More

Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills: Flowers, Falls, and Funky Rocks

WHY GO: Do you like to putter around in the garden – perhaps discover some rare and exotic type of flora to flaunt back home? Are you a rock hound in search of the most exotic stones thrown up by Mother Nature? Do you go out of your way to photograph antique covered bridges? Are […] Read More

Connecticut Restaurants Honored by Wine Spectator in 2015

The following restaurants in Connecticut have received Wine Spectator’s 2015 Restaurant Awards […] Read More

EVEN Hotel, Norwalk, CT

First Impressions of EVEN Hotel Norwalk CT I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful trend in hospitality – that of the hotel as gym, health food restaurant and workout motivator. The first of two prototype establishments (the second is in Rockville, MD), the Norwalk CT EVEN Hotel stands across from a corporate park […] Read More

Hartford CT: A Capitol Idea For A Getaway

WHY GO: If you’ve ever been curious about why Connecticut is called The Constitution State, Hartford is the best place to find out. The groundwork for the US Constitution was laid right here – in a 1639 sermon, The Fundamental Orders, by the Reverend Thomas Hooker – calling for a representative government in Connecticut. Home […] Read More

Stamford CT: The City That Works as a Great Getaway

The Stamford CT motto – “The City That Works” – suggests more of the Puritan Work Ethic than the Pleasure Principal. The world headquarters of Pitney Bowes and Starwood Hotels, and trading floors of UBS and RBS, among many other multinational corporations, mark Stamford’s skyline.  Worker-bee commuters with commerce on their minds swarm into Connecticut’s 4th […] Read More

Milford CT: Boating, Beaches, Birds and a Quick Island Hike

WHY GO: Come by car…..or boat. Milford CT is one of the very few harbors in Connecticut situated in a downtown – one with good restaurants and a lively night scene. The town dock, Milford Landing, can accommodate 40 sizeable boats on any given night – and with eager dock-hands, “Welcome to Milford” discount goodie-bag, […] Read More

Old Lyme CT: Birthplace of American Impressionism

WHY GO. Morning fog transforms the landscape into the hazy tableau of an impressionist painting in the very place considered the Birthplace of American Impressionism, Old Lyme CT.  In the late 1890’s widow Florence Griswold opened her home to American artists fresh from studying in France, forming the country’s first European-style Art Colony – an “American […] Read More

Middletown, Portland CT; Home of Brownstones And Wesleyan University

WHY: Like Cher and Madonna, Brownstone requires no last name. Read any city real estate listing and you’ll find “brownstones” without further identification.  Are they houses? Kitchen counters? Of course not.  You just know they are those iconic reddish brown row houses, arrayed side by side, stoop steps spilling onto tidy sidewalks. Though “Brownstones” need […] Read More

New Haven, CT; Center of Arts, Food, Theater, and Oh Yes, Yale University

WHY GO: Yale University.  Original Guttenberg Bible. Most innovative Live Theater in the country. Free World Class Art Museums.  Best Pizza on the planet. Birthplace of the a) Hamburger, b) Frisbee, c) Knights of Columbus, d) Cotton Gin, e) Dictionary.  There are so many reasons to visit New Haven, and this Getaway is just the […] Read More

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