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Worcester MA: Arts, Armor and Restaurant Powerhouse

WHY GO: Who can resist the “Birthplace of the Smiley Face?”  Yes, graphic designer, Harvey Ball, lived and worked in mid-state, once-fading, now resurgent industrial Worcester MA, as did Esther Howland, the “Mother of the American Valentine,” who took an elaborate Victorian Valentine’s Day card and turned it into a mass-produced hot product. Hearts and […] Read more

Philadelphia Arts and Letters: Murals, Melville, and Magnificent Meals

WHY GO: Of course there are a million reasons to visit Philadelphia, one of this Maven’s favorite cities. But this Getaway introduces readers to art masterpieces that will never see the inside of a museum, books so precious and rare you can look but don’t touch (except for exclusive “Hands On” experiences),  a restaurant with […] Read more

Flushing NY and Corona NY: As Close As You’re Going to Get to China (And Sachmo) in the USA

WHY GO: There are three reasons most people come to Queens, NY – the least glamorous of the five New York City boroughs. One for the jets – that fly in and out of LaGuardia and JFK Airports, two, for the Mets – who play at Citi Field, and three for the nets – as […] Read more

See The Real Stephen and Other Opportunities in Midtown Manhattan

Tourists stay in midtown New York City in order to see a Broadway show or clip clop through Central Park in a horse-drawn carriage. After all, what else is midtown Manhattan good for? Presumably, Getaway Mavens readers have done these things. Multiple times. So really, what’s left to do and see within the slice of […] Read more

Lima, Peru: There’s More To Explore

Visiting Peru for the first time? Chances are you’re bound for Machu Picchu or the Amazon and will stay in Lima a very short time.  But, perhaps you should rethink that. We’ll start with some Getaway Maven fun facts: Lima is a sophisticated city with a population of 8.5 million. Tourism is the third largest […] Read more

Be A Maker AND Taker in Philadelphia PA’s Reinvigorated Neighborhoods

WHY GO: From its inception, Philadelphia has been a city of diverse “Makers.” Founded as a center of commerce rather than a religious colony, newcomers didn’t have to pay that irksome Church tithe, so strivers from all backgrounds sought their fortunes here. By 1740, Philadelphia was the largest city in the colonies –  an engine […] Read more

Amherst MA: A Yiddisha Madel, Emily Dickinson

WHY GO: Amherst MA and its environs thrums with writers, poets, illustrators, and one astounding book sanctuary. The Belle of Amherst, Emily Dickinson, is most associated with this small college town in Western Mass (“The Other Side of Massachusetts”), but she’s not the only author or illustrator who once lived or currently lives here.  The […] Read more

New Haven, CT; Center of Arts, Food, Theater, and Oh Yes, Yale University

WHY GO: Yale University.  Original Guttenberg Bible. Most innovative Live Theater in the country. Free World Class Art Museums.  Best Pizza on the planet. Birthplace of the a) Hamburger, b) Frisbee, c) Knights of Columbus, d) Cotton Gin, e) Dictionary.  There are so many reasons to visit New Haven, and this Getaway is just the […] Read more

Sandwich, MA; On the Edge of the Cape Cod Canal

WHY GO: It’s the first town over the Bourne Bridge, so if you want to be on “The Cape” but can’t see driving another mile, bed down here.  You can learn firsthand about the Canal you just crossed, taste and buy jam the way it was made 110 years ago, and ride an historic indoor […] Read more

Pennsylvania’s Medieval Cathedral and the Temple of the Three Stooges

WHY GO: Why go? Because a Pennsylvania Rags to Riches Captain of Industry, John Pitcairn, founded a whole new religious branch of Christianity about 15 miles north of Philadelphia, and built a cathedral on his property. Because his son, Raymond, continued his work and in the process amassed the largest collection of Medieval stained glass […] Read more

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