12 Terrific Inexpensive Travel Gadgets for The Spur of the Moment Traveler

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What to get that special someone with itchy feet? These gadgets, tools and devices are perfect stocking stuffers.  Order them all for a thoughtful holiday basket.  All are Getaway Mavens tested, Getaway Mavens approved.

1. Back in the day, we called them “Moist Towelettes. ” Now they’re known as Wet Wipes. Either way, these fresh-smelling grime-fighters are de rigueur for car and/or purse, particularly for road-food road trips when you’re bound to experience some overexposure to drawn-butter or BBQ sauce. Are wet wipes funny?  Are they sexy? Hip?  Generally not.  But the folks at Blue Q give their  Crazy Beautiful Wet Wipe packaging lots of panache and irreverent wit.  You’ll want to carry these packs of 10 around whether you need moist towelettes or not.

Crazy Beautiful Wet Wipes

2. Berry Sleepy supplements.  Made from 3 fruits proven to support sleep (Goji Berry, Tart Cherry and Passion Fruit), Berry Sleepy not only gently promotes a good night sleep with no grogginess in the morning but is also full of antioxidants. Just to be clear, this is not a substitute for Ambien, but based on personal testing, it does take the shpilkes down a notch.  $40/bottle.

Berry Sleepy Relaxing Superfruit Supplements3. Trekr Washcloth is the ultimate nylon travel washcloth, never wears out, never needs washing. Use one for your body, the other for pots and pans.  Takes up no room in glove compartment or backpack pocket. ($8 for 2).

TrekR Scrubbing Cloth4. Unmarx; reusable hand-shaped cleaning pad that erases marks on clothing and gathers pet hair into manageable clumps without using water. It’s like having an endless lint-remover at hand.  A portion of the cost – $10 – is donated to Beyond Breast Cancer.

Unmarx Pad

5. Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale.  No need to transfer clothes and shoes at the baggage counter anymore. Accurate and easy to use, the Precision Voyager sure beats standing on your bathroom scale holding a possibly overweight duffle.  Clip it onto the luggage handle, lift and you get an immediate and clear reading up to 110 lbs. $20.

Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale from Eat Smart

6. Module-RUniversal Travel Adapter This vibrantly colored little cube, easily stashed in a carry-on and cleverly designed for use in over 150 countries, is a must-have for globetrotters who just have to start charging electronic devices the second they land abroad. $22.50.

Module-R Universal Travel Gadgets Adapter

 7.  Bling Wipes. Clean your jewelry on the go without having to bring along jars of toxic liquid. Shines precious metals and gems to a blingy brilliance. Box of 10 for $12

Bling Wipes

8.  SPairz. For all those times you’re in a rush and forget to pack underwear, these business-card sized compressed-shrink-wrapped extras can be stashed easily in your purse or glove compartment. They are darn comfy as well. $10

Spairz Panties to Go

9. Bobble Sport Bottle. Do you suffer from a queasy fear of public water fountains? This 24oz hourglass-shaped soft-plastic BPA-and-PVC free bottle with built-in filter purifies and makes tap water taste like it just emerged from a pure deep spring. Each filter saves our earth from 300 empty water bottles. $10.

Bobble Sport Filter Bottle

10. Cotton Cord RollA great organizational tool; your laptop, phone and I-Pad cords will roll up nicely in this recycled, water resistant pouch. Not only does the Roll keep cords from tangling, but labeled compartments remind you to unplug a forgotten one from the hotel room wall. $20

Cotton Cord Roll

11. Tiltpod. Great for mountaintop or off road photo shoots, the Tiltpod props your camera or I-Phone with a mini quick-connect magnet or rubber dock, allowing you to take long exposure or self portrait pictures from uneven surfaces. $15

Tiltpod Camera Stabilizer

12. Hand-Able. It may look a bit odd, but this little gadget has saved my butt – or at least my phone – a few times. For those who fumble their phones, or suffer from arthritis that makes it tough to grip, this unique button attaches to the back of your mobile device, making it easy to secure it in one hand without having to grip it. Sort of like a flip-flop for your fingers. $13.


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