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What Would You Sacrifice for Travel?

Travel may be its own reward, but finding the moolah to make dream vacations come true can stump even the well-off. According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Tripping.com, the world’s largest vacation rental search engine, the cost of accommodations is the number one obstacle keeping Americans from their ideal vacation. “More than anything, financial insecurities prevent Americans from taking their ideal vacation, however, the presumed cost of your ideal trip should not prevent you from traveling,” says founder and CEO of Tripping.com, Jen O’Neal.

What are Americans willing to give up for travel?

  • The majority of Americans would be willing to sacrifice six months of alcohol, cigarettes or coffee.
  • Most (22-34%) would be willing to downgrade their Smartphone/Computer.
  • Some (15% of 18-24-year-olds) would sacrifice their body (e.g. giving blood)
  • More than any other age group, 45 to 54-year-olds would most rather stop paying rent or their mortgage than sacrifice anything else.
Before resorting to such drastic measures, there are steps you can take to reduce the cost of lodging. O’Neal says, “Staying in a vacation rental is a great way to lower accommodation costs, as well as save in food and parking expenses. Tripping.com helps travelers compare prices of over 2.5 million vacation rentals in destinations all over the world that could fit any traveler’s budget.”

For more ways to save on accommodations, see:

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