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Greater Brattleboro VT: Groovy Art, Beer, and Heifers Aplenty

WHY GO: How can you resist a town that decided to counter Spain’s Running of the Bulls with its own chill, groovy, Vermont take: “Strolling of the Heifers?” Brattleboro VT is just the sort of fun-poking place ripe for exploring. Though it draws thousands of visitors one weekend a year for this strolling bovine event, most [...]

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Four Columns Inn, Newfane VT

The Four Columns Inn, an iconic, whitewashed 16-room luxe “Country Inn,” a dozen miles from Brattleboro in the classic whitewashed New England town of Newfane VT, was shuttered in 2013 and reopened, afresh, in mid 2015. Once enchanting enough for the likes of Mick Jagger (who stayed over for his 40th birthday), it had fallen off its [...]


Montpelier VT: America’s Tiniest State Capital

WHY GO: With a population of 7,500, Montpelier VT is the smallest State Capital in the USA, and, as a point of pride, the only one without a McDonalds. It’s also got a hippie (though not hip), socialist vibe about it. That’s not so surprising, given that Montpelier is Bernie Sander’s home away from home, [...]


Northeast Kingdom and St. Johnsbury VT

WHY GO: The oft-overlooked upper reaches of Vermont, affectionately known as the Northeast Kingdom, or NEK, has farmland, cheese, Bag Balm, and one of the best breweries in the country according to many craft brew fans. At its center, the city of St. Johnsbury VT holds some classy surprises: a Victorian-age library and Natural History Museum [...]


Rabbit Hill Inn, Lower Waterford VT

Leave it to the 19-room Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford VT to make log-pine luxurious. The Cedar Glen room, kited out in Adirondack-chic, is an elegant blend of pine and plaid, and one of the most difficult rooms to leave once settled in. But this is not the only reason the Rabbit Hill Inn has been [...]


Greater Burlington VT: Bears, Boats and Brews

WHY GO: A case can be made that Burlington VT – or more generally, the whole of Vermont – begat the Farm to Table dining movement. Asking about the “best” restaurant in town - “and it has to source locally” – one is met with incredulous looks and the claim, “every restaurant here buys from [...]


Made Inn Vermont B&B, Burlington VT

In a big dark Victorian, looking like something the Adam’s Family might AirBnB, Made Inn Vermont B&B is a contradiction in so many ways, starting with the fact that it is small (only four rooms) but has a growing reputation among fashionistas, rock & rollers, and mid-century modern style fans who also love craft beer. Here's why: Meeting [...]


Hotel Vermont, Burlington VT

Only three years old, Hotel Vermont, a chic boutique, is everything an upscale Vermont hotel should be: environmentally conscious with judicious use of natural elements in a funky, eye pleasing décor. And this being Vermont – where locals take beer seriously – Hotel Vermont claims its own “Beer Concierge,” Matt Canning, who arranges day-long Vermont [...]


Greater Rutland VT: Little Belittled Town on the Rise

WHY GO: Granted, not many people rhapsodize about Rutland VT, but come here and you’ll see another side to this much-maligned Vermont city. Whatever challenges Rutland has faced, it has done so with heart and soul and has come out on top. How else would you describe a town of 17,000 beating out Boston’s Fenway [...]


Red Clover Inn, Mendon VT

Red Clover Inn, Mendon, VT. Just a few miles from downtown Rutland, and about 15 minutes from Killington Ski Resort, many consider this to be one of the top B&B’s in central Vermont. This attractive yellow inn is fine enough for the local Chamber of Commerce to hold a monthly soiree, friendly enough to feel [...]



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