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Get the Best Broadway Show Tickets For Less

Phantom of the Opera Sign

If it's been a while since you last purchased tickets to Broadway shows in New York City, prepare for sticker shock. Premium seats now go for well over $200, and the most highly prized seats can be much, much more--think an insanely high $500 for Book of Mormon. There are a number of online vendors that [...]


The Most Photogenic Fall Foliage in the Northeast

Best Fall Foliage in the Northeast

For a few autumn weeks the Northeast transforms into a rich tapestry of gold and russet oak, birch, and sugar maple trees. Seeing fall foliage at peak intensity  is magical, but success requires perfect timing and the right location.  Typically, leaves start turning colors by mid-September in the northernmost regions, gradually working their way toward the [...]


Best Hotels Near NYC, Boston, and Washington, DC

Best Hotels Near NYC Boston Washington DC #hotel via @GetawayMvavens

The number one obstacle to a big city vacation is undoubtably the cost of accommodations. Rooms in popular neighborhoods often start at above $300, and that's for cramped quarters and little or no amenities. Forget about pools, free parking, or complimentary breakfasts. To get these features and save money, consider expanding your search outside major urban areas. We [...]


What Would You Sacrifice for Travel?

To Travel Is Worth Any Cost or Sacrifice - Eizabeth Gilbert - Quote

Travel may be its own reward, but finding the moolah to make dream vacations come true can stump even the well-off. According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Tripping.com, the world's largest vacation rental search engine, the cost of accommodations is the number one obstacle keeping Americans from their ideal vacation. "More than anything, financial insecurities [...]

The Ultimate Roadside Survival Guide

Have you ever noticed how the worst mishaps seem to happen when you least expect them? The best time to prepare for the next Snowmageddon or freak tornado is before you travel. Here's how to pack the ultimate roadside emergency kit and what you need to know to survive anything Mother Nature throws at you. The American [...]


Get Better Results Booking Hotels Online

hotel booking sites tips

Even travel professionals can be misled by pretty pictures and glowing reviews on hotel booking sites. Moving rooms--or even hotels as I did on a recent trip to San Luis Obispo--can be costly and stressful. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that what you get is at least as [...]


10 Best Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Long before the last bag of candy corn disappears from store shelves, thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and winter breaks...and the expense and stress of the season. “With more than 90 million Americans expected to travel during the holiday season -- more than 5 million by air -- we anticipate stress levels to reach boiling point for [...]

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Best Hotel Booking Sites Compared

Hotel Booking Sites

When hotel booking sites first appeared on the web, they were a godsend. Suddenly, you could look up rates, availability, reviews AND book reservations all in one place. But now that online travel planning is a given, we expect more. The best travel sites not only offer the cheapest rates but also a plethora of [...]



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