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New Hampshire

WHY GO: It’s no big secret that Hanover NH is Dartmouth College. The campus takes up most of Hanover, including the Town Green and some shops. But there are several reasons why even non-college bound explorers flock to this quintessential New England community: for the world-renowned Assyrian Reliefs dating back to Biblical times, to hike [...]


Concord NH: A Small Town Both Civic Minded and Worldly

WHY GO: This is not the Concord of the “Shot Heard Round the World.” That Concord is in Massachusetts, and it refers to the first armed rebellion in the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Concord and Lexington.  But you could say that New Hampshire’s Concord generates the “Shouts Heard Round the World,” as every [...]


Portsmouth NH: Seaport, Shopping and Full-On Culinary Scene

WHY GO: Perhaps more than in any other New England seacoast town, it’s easy to imagine what life was like in this country when it was new and growing thanks to Portsmouth's  living history museum, Strawbery Banke, which isn’t a “museum” so much as a collection of 32 homes and establishments, most in their original locations [...]

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