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American History; Boston Style (With Martinis)

WHY GO? Boston, MA will be forever linked to America’s revolutionary stirrings – Tea Party, anyone? – and in 2013, the Old State House celebrated its 300th anniversary.  Even if you snoozed through history class in High School, there are plenty of engaging ways to learn about our nation’s birth here, from Tea Party reenactments to [...]


Marthas Vineyard MA: Island Paradise New England Style

WHY GO: US Presidents and Hollywood celebs love Marthas Vineyard MA, namesake of Vineyard Vines preppie-wear,  just a few miles off the coast of Massachusetts.  And apparently, so did missionaries in the 17th Century. The very first Bible in what is now the United States was printed, not in English, but in the tongue of [...]


WHY GO: Smithsonian Magazine named Woods Hole MA one of the top ten Best Small Towns to Visit in 2014. A world center for Marine Biomedical and Environmental Science, Woods Hole MA draws island hoppers and brainy scientists to its almost-too-perfect-to-be-true fishing village environs. Research offices, labs and ships sprawl throughout this tiny section of [...]


Worcester MA: Arts, Armor and Restaurant Powerhouse

WHY GO: Who can resist the “Birthplace of the Smiley Face?”  Yes, graphic designer, Harvey Ball, lived and worked in mid-state, once-fading, now resurgent industrial Worcester MA, as did Esther Howland, the “Mother of the American Valentine,” who took an elaborate Victorian Valentine’s Day card and turned it into a mass-produced hot product. Hearts and [...]


Boston MA: Immersed in Art – Good, Bad and Yours

WHY GO: You’ve seen Boston. Now, delve in! This getaway exposes you to art: Good, Bad and Yours. Poke around one of the Granddaddys of the Art Museum world, find avant-garde art in a waterfront box of glass, hunt for terrible compositions in a movie-house basement, talk to artists and gallery owners on a private tour [...]

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Wellfleet MA: Where the Oysters Are Wicked Good

WHY GO: If the Cape Cod town of Wellfleet MA seems vaguely familiar, it’s because Edward Hopper captured these scenes in many of his paintings and Henry David Thoreau penned his journals nearby. Besides the vast beaches of the National Seashore, you’ll find remnants of Victorian-era technology, one of the country’s last surviving drive-ins and [...]


Amherst MA: A Yiddisha Madel, Emily Dickinson

WHY GO: Amherst MA and its environs thrums with writers, poets, illustrators, and one astounding book sanctuary. The Belle of Amherst, Emily Dickinson, is most associated with this small college town in Western Mass (“The Other Side of Massachusetts”), but she’s not the only author or illustrator who once lived or currently lives here.  The [...]


WHY GO: When Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote, “Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!  There are points to be scored.  There are games to be won,” he just may have been spinning lyrics about his own hometown, Springfield MA. You can score points at the National Basketball Hall of Fame, see [...]


Fall River, MA: Lizzie Borden and Battleships

WHY GO: Lizzie Borden, Portuguese cuisine, and the largest collection of WWII Naval vessels. In the late 1800’s, Fall River, MA known as “Spindle City” was the world’s largest producer of printed cotton cloth  - the epicenter of looms that turned out thousands of miles of fabric a year. One mill alone produced 85,000 miles [...]

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Provincetown MA; The Edge of the World


WHY GO: Provincetown MA on the tip of Cape Cod is high energy and gay in all definitions of that word. It's beautiful, fun and free-spirited; perfect for like-minded souls. Once a maritime center, and where the parched Pilgrims on the Mayflower originally landed seeking water, Provincetown began to draw actors and artists when “alternate lifestyles” were best [...]



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